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An easy way to save automatically. Connect your checking account with Digit, and it will analyze your income and expenses and transfer out small amounts of money to a savings account for you every few days it knows you won't miss. Then interact with them via text to stay on top of balances, transfers, and a host of other helpful info on your accounts.
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What Bloggers Are Saying...

"It literally puts money into savings for you without having to do a thing! I like 'em so much that I not only have been using them for over 2 years now (I've banked $10,000 so far - and I consider myself a good saver!) but I also ended up joining their board of advisors after learning how incredible their long term vision is. Imagine an app that automatically helped you in *all* areas of finance vs just one? I'm not saying, I'm just saying... ;)"
"While Digit now charges a monthly fee, it can still be a great way to save money in a set it and forget it mode."
"Yet again, I'm all about saving money. This app is another great tool for putting away a little bit of money here and there."
"I’ve seen a lot of folks say $36 a year for the service is just too much when the goal is to save money instead of spending it in fees. I totally get the perspective, but here’s the thing aside from knowing some people spend more than $36/year in fruit snacks: if the average user saves between $80 and $170 per month, the fee means the average user is now saving between $77 and $167. Is that not still a come-up one likely wouldn’t have experienced without other efforts? Even if we annualize that and say the average user saves between $960 and $2040 a year, we’re now talking about savings of $924 and $2004. I do not compute the outrage. Even if it only saves you $20/month, you’re still netting $17."
"It's like a friendly little savings buddy. I love that it texts me my checking account balances while also quietly spiriting away money to savings that I don't miss. I do other savings manually of course, but I use Digit as a fun way to painlessly save for trips. Africa is the next big one I have in mind."
"It tells me my bank balance daily and saves money for me easily"
"Automation! Love the fact that it helps me save without thinking about it."
"Automatic savings is the key and this app changes the game by doing things algorithmically."

Why bloggers think this app is overrated...

"I regretted downloading as it wasn't as easy to do things as you might have liked, and they ended up charging for their service after I promoted it."
"They started charging for the service. Charging to save your own money? That's crazy!"
"I know a lot of people love it, but I found the constant texts super irritating and I thought their email about changes in charging was tacky."
"I was testing digit for an article I was writing. It's an app that looks at your bank accounts and then decides how much money each day or week they want to pull to the side for you into a savings account. I found the digit robo-bot to be really really annoying, constantly texting me like a ex-boyfriend. Also, the account they save your money in earns no interest and sometimes they would take out a big chunk of money like $200 in one day. I thought this was micro-savings? Also they switched to a monthly fee platform, no thank you."
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