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EveryDollar is Financial expert Dave Ramsey's budgeting app based on his Baby Steps in knocking out debt and building wealth. It follows the zero-based budgeting approach, and includes quick views for what money is planned, what money has been spent, and how much money remains. Free version requires manual entries of transactions, or upgrade to EveryDollar Plus to have them automatically imported from your bank for $10.00/mo.
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"The graph function is a neat way to visualize your budget. I also like the idea of accounting for every dollar in your budget, but I'm not sure it works in practice."
"I believe taking control of your money with a monthly budget is both empowering and necessary to personal finance success! With the everydollar app you must allocate your income and decide how to spend your money before the month begins. It's great for keeping yourself accountable and visualizing what needs to happen to meet your savings/investing goals! I use the EveryDollar Plus feature which links my bank account so all my debit card transactions automatically show up in the app to be allocated.. big time saver."
"While I use Goodbudget to track daily spending, I use EveryDollar for my overall budget that includes every single expense."
"This app, by Dave Ramsey, is simple. Simplicity is often the key to keeping goals, so why not make it as simple as possible? Can't get much better than this."
"I have a trouble with giving every dollar a job, but Every Dollar makes it super easy to stay on task and keep my budget strong."
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