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An easy way to stay connected to your money if you're a Quicken user. View your personal finance information while traveling, sync your checking, savings, credit card and investment accounts anytime, anywhere, update accounts with new transactions as you're on the go or traveling, and even snap a picture of your receipts for archiving later.
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"We've used Quicken for Windows since 2003 and we love it for budgeting purposes. We've yet to find anything else with the flexibility of the desktop Quicken. Recently they released a mobile app that is so-so. The budgeting part is unfortunately full of bugs. What it DOES do well though is allow us to record purchases right at the point of sale then sync them to our desktop software. This was we never miss recording a payment and keeping our budgeting records straight."
"I've been tracking my money data in Quicken for over two decades, so the app let's me look at it on my phone."
"Maybe it's considered a dinosaur with all the new online and mobile apps, but I just haven't found anything better. You can track all your finances, net worth, do budgeting, etc. just like other apps, but Quicken allows you to do manual editing of transactions - something I can't find anywhere else. You can also enter transactions manually (maybe a transaction you just made or a bill pay set for the future). It'll match up when it gets processed by the banking institution, but in the meantime, you get a true sense of where you're actually at financially."
"Again, not exactly an app - although they do have one. The computer version is much better. Flexibility with accounts and reports make this one of my favorites."

Why bloggers think this app is overrated...

"Not an app, although they have a mobile version now, but I transitioned to Quicken 2016 at the end of 2015 because I missed the automated features on MMoney, and Quicken allowed me to transfer my entire MMoney history into Quicken format (with a lot of work). Quicken is by far the most powerful tracking, budgeting, and visual display tool out there today. It allows you to store all your data locally if you like, keeping it safe on your own system. Once I got the hang of its reporting system, I learned to break out my spending, saving, and investment performance; and visually display it. It had several great features, but none of them I considered indispensable. While a good tool, I never fell in love like I did with MMoney. The ultimate deal killer for me was the Quicken interface, which is obtuse at the best of times. Whereas MMoney was forgiving if you made a mistake (like accidentally deleting a transaction), Quicken is not. Along with the price tag for the high powered version, it ultimately just proved too problematic for me to stick with it long term. I still track my investments using Quicken 2016 due to the power of its historical recall and display capability, but that is mostly as a backup method to my new primary programs -- Mint.com and Personal Capital."
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