Best Financial Blogs

These are the best overall blogs on money per Rockstar Finance. Covering everything from saving, investing, hustling, financial freedom, getting your mind right, paying off debt, and all other "personal finance" areas. These guys not only paint a great overall picture, but they do so with flair incorporating personal stories and tips to make it entertaining along the way.
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Blogger Blog Name Age Category Net Worth Twitter FB RSS Start
Get Rich Slowly40sGeneral Finance$1,639,669.692006
Mr. Money Mustache40sEarly Retirement2011
Budgets Are Sexy30sGeneral Finance$709,372.082008
Cait Flanders30sMinimalism$82,135.532011
Financial Samurai30sEarly Retirement2009
Wealthy Accountant50sEarly Retirement$12,600,200.002016
Millennial Revolution30sEarly Retirement$1,000,000.002016
Afford Anything30sMaking Money2011
Mad Fientist30sEarly Retirement2012
1500 Days40sEarly Retirement$1,894,455.002013
ESI Money50sGeneral Finance2015
Wallet Hacks30sGeneral Finance2015
Four Pillar Freedom20sEarly Retirement$60,221.002016
Becoming Minimalist40sMinimalism2008
Montana Money Adventures30sGeneral Finance$560,000.002016
I Will Teach You To Be Rich30sMaking Money2004
A Wealth of Common Sense30sInvesting2013
The Simple Dollar40sFrugality2006
Our Next Life30sEarly Retirement2015
My Money Blog30sGeneral Finance2004
ThinkSaveRetire.com30sEarly Retirement$935,000.002014
The Micawber Principle50sGeneral Finance2012
Making Sense Of Cents20sMaking Money2011
Early Retirement Extreme30sEarly Retirement2007