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Lewistown, Pennsylvania, United States
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SIK (Single Income, Kids)
Engineer / Mechanical

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Learning is the Trail to Success At what age do you stop learning' After high school' College' Two years on the job' Or never' We should always be learning, right' Learning is one of those traits that employers find so attractive. Someone... The post An Attitude of Learning is the Key to Success! appeared first on the Cash Dad. ...
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The top earners (1%) are getting richer!! While the rest are getting poorer' We’ve all heard about the 1%, and how their income is “growing at an alarming rate” compared to the rest of us. Does that make you un-easy' That someone... The post How Can I Use the Secret of the Wealthy 1% for Me' appeared first on the Cash Dad. ...
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When I go into a store, I can’t help myself. I always buy more than I planned. Is that you' Do you have trouble with impulse buys' Maybe you see a sale, or find a great deal. You know that time is... The post Impulse Buys Will Destroy Even the Best Budget. appeared first on the Cash Dad. ...
Posted: Nov 16 2017 @ 7:00 AM
I measure my financial standing by my income, although I’ve heard that your net worth is a better number. What is your net worth' Do you know how to calculate it' Is it the best way to measure your wealth' Here’s a... The post Is Your Net Worth a True Measure of Wealth' appeared first on the Cash Dad. ...
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I don’t think my “latte factor” habit amounts to much. Can it really make a dent in my budget' We’ll get to those weekly spending habits and the latte factor. Don’t worry. But first, what’s your annual spending rate' Do you know... The post How Much Is Your Insignificant Money Habit Costing You' appeared first on the Cash Dad. ...
Posted: Nov 14 2017 @ 7:00 AM
Determine Your Money Personality. There seems to be two types of people in this life. Those who always try to keep the rules. And those who live by the mantra that rules are meant to be broken. There are some positive aspects... The post Money Rules: Are you a Rule Keeper or Rule Breaker' appeared first on the Cash Dad. ...
Posted: Nov 13 2017 @ 7:00 AM


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