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Dallas, Texas, United States
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SIK (Single Income, Kids)
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Recently, I've been hearing people toss out some strange phrases like: "I don't buy anything unless it's 12 cap or higher." or "5 cap is too low, there is no value." But, I passed over a 12 cap deal and I bought a 5 cap deal just this year. So, what capitalization rate is good' [...] The post What is a Good Cap Rate' appeared first on Ideal REI. ...
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At some point, you've wondered how people could possibly afford giant apartment buildings, office buildings, or even shopping plazas.The answer: with real estate syndication. The post Real Estate Syndication – Make Money In Million Dollar Deals appeared first on Ideal REI. ...
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It's official - I just closed on my first apartment complex deal. It's really a huge accomplishment - I'm a General Partner on a $16 million deal! It took me an entire year to do it, and, as I write this, I think back on how I got here and realize it was a really [...] The post How I Bought My First 200 Unit Apartment Complex appeared first on Ideal ...
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Posted: Nov 28 2017 @ 5:58 AM
Land investing is a great way to earn some extra passive income and to the untrained eye, vacant land may seem like a simple type of real estate. Some vacant lots really are as clear as they seem. But, the problem with land is that the dangers and pitfalls aren’t always obvious on the [...] The post 3 Deadly Land Investing Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague appeared first on Ideal ...
Posted: Nov 25 2017 @ 4:27 AM
Well, it's that time of the year, where we spend 5 or 6 weeks shopping like crazy to make sure we get something for everyone on the list. We wouldn't want to get to that Christmas party and as soon as you walk in the door and get that sinking feeling that you forgot [...] The post Best Gifts to Buy a Real Estate Investor in 2017 – The No Joke ...
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I'm $252k in Debt and Don't Plan on Paying it Off How to Retire Early & Confidently Using Real Estate Investing Opening Up To Your Children About Finances The post Weekly Roundup 4 appeared first on Ideal REI. ...
Posted: Nov 21 2017 @ 5:42 AM


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