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Libraries have come a long way since I was a kid.  I remember marching into our local library as an elementary school kid and sifting through decks of library catalog cards.  I would then scour the aisles to find the book that peaked my interest or would help me with a school project. Rainy days are meant for reading My trips to the library look quite different today. I browse titles or ...
Posted: Jun 23 2017 @ 7:00 AM
If you’ve been following along for a bit, you may know that we have been publishing a “What’s in Our Wallet” series to give some visibility into how we set up our household finances.  Here is our next installment… the Investing Edition! New here?  Check out our previous posts here: Credit Card Edition Banking Edition   So… what’s in our investing wallet? Vanguard. TIAA-CREF (soon to be Vanguard). HealthEquity. eTrade. Vanguard. Done.   Just kidding, here is our real answer:   Retirement Account Investing Mrs. Adventure ...
Posted: Jun 21 2017 @ 6:55 AM
Today’s post is completely non-financial… just a little ditty about our blog photos (say cheese!). Back in April, Mr. Adventure Rich and I selected a blog name, paid for our blog hosting, and started to mock up what “Adventure Rich” would look like.  During our first few iterations, I pulled stock photos from the internet to use on our site.  As we tweaked and mulled over the set-up one day, we ...
Posted: Jun 19 2017 @ 6:55 AM
  Imagine this… it’s 7:30pm on a warm Tuesday evening in June.  I had just pulled the baked chicken out of the oven, turned off the stovetop pan full of crisp potatoes, and followed our chubby almost-2 year old outside to go find daddy (pronounced: “da-eey”).  Mr. Adventure Rich was just finishing up mowing the “lawn” (er, property… he was freshening up a walking path around our 10 acre lot).   “Dinner time!” ...
Posted: Jun 16 2017 @ 1:15 PM
Last week, I introduced a series titled “What’s in Our Wallet” in which Mr. Adventure Rich and I open up our wallets and let you peek inside! First Edition:  Credit Cards So here is our second edition, the Banking Edition!  Let’s check out our checking and savings accounts. Checking Accounts We have somewhat of a funny checking account situation.  We began our marriage with 2 checking accounts (his and hers… how cute).  Out of ...
Posted: Jun 14 2017 @ 6:55 AM
Last Friday, I wrote a post outlining the reasons we almost didn’t start this blog.  If you read that post, you saw that reasons why we delayed, doubted and almost scrapped our plan to join the personal finance/FIRE (financial independence/retire early) blog community.  Maybe the reasons struck a chord or felt familiar.  Maybe the post made you think, “With these reasons for not starting a blog… why did you go ahead ...
Posted: Jun 12 2017 @ 7:30 AM
What took us so long to start this blog??? This is a question I have asked myself over and over again. At times, Mr. Adventure Rich and I would find ourselves eager to dive in head first. We would take long walks brainstorming article ideas, discuss our philosophy over a chilled drink on a lazy Sunday afternoon and browse GoDaddy for available domain names. Moments, hours, or days later, the doubts would creep ...
Posted: Jun 09 2017 @ 7:15 AM
Welcome to the first installment of “What’s in Our Wallet”!  This kicks off a series of posts aimed at providing a transparent look into our wallet, how we set up our finances and accounts, and a bit of our philosophy along the way. A few housekeeping items to start us off… Credit Card Usage:  Credit Cards can be incredibly useful tools, but can also be quite dangerous when used incorrectly (or “correctly” ...
Posted: Jun 07 2017 @ 7:20 AM
“What in the world is she thinking?!” This is what I thought about my wife when she told me she was reading blogs and listening to podcasts about financial independence and retiring early (FIRE). I thought, “That’s not going to happen to us! And what is this early retirement idea anyway?”. Yeah, I have seen the kid who creates a website and is lucky enough to have it bought for millions ...
Posted: Jun 05 2017 @ 7:15 AM
It’s Net Worth time!  I am writing this on the evening of the 1st, my designated monthly update day.  While I keep an eye on our net worth throughout the month, it is always exciting to plug the new numbers into the Excel and let the formulas run their magic, presenting me with a shiny new Net Worth calculation!  If you want to learn more about our history of net worth ...
Posted: Jun 02 2017 @ 7:15 AM


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