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A Journey to FI
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Financial freedom, financial independence, real estate, investing, income, debt, budget, automation, tools, Efficiency, net worth, financial planning
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Thornton , Colorado, United States
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SIK (Single Income, Kids)
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A couple of days ago some people experienced the madness of Black Friday. This year the competition was fierce with most retailers opening their doors on Thursday afternoon. Obviously, the intent was to get a head start on the race of becoming the retailer with the highest sales of the season. But what about Thanksgivings as a […] The post Shopping Hacks: Might As Well Take Advantage of Them appeared first on A ...
Posted: Dec 05 2017 @ 8:28 PM
Thanksgiving is that time of the year where people get together to say thanks. Personally, I got a lot of things to be thankful for: a healthy family, friends, work and for having the opportunity to wake up to enjoy a new day. But as Thanksgiving approaches think about this …why should we be thankful for […] The post As Thanksgiving Approaches Think About This appeared first on A JOURNEY TO FI. ...
Posted: Nov 22 2017 @ 6:40 PM
This is going to be one of those topics that could go very well or could blow right in my face. The reason I say this is because an emergency fund is considered a foundational element of a sound financial plan and for a personal finance blogger to even entertain  the idea of not having […] The post I don’t have an Emergency Fund and that’s Ok appeared first on A ...
Posted: Nov 21 2017 @ 11:32 AM
I don’t consider myself to be a “tech” guy but, in general, I’m pretty much up-to-date on topics that are relevant to both my professional career and personal lifestyle. When it comes to work, my current role demands the maximization of data utilization and the application of workflows that aim to influence the bottom line. A couple […] The post A Happy Day at Work … So What' appeared first on A JOURNEY ...
Posted: Nov 12 2017 @ 3:06 PM
My Financial Money Map shows the different accounts we use as part of our financial plan; however, today, I would like to make the case for using an online savings account. Online Savings Accounts (OSAs) have been out there for quite a while. According to Wikipedia, more than 8.5 million customers signed up for OSAs […] The post The Case For Using An Online Savings Account appeared first on A JOURNEY ...
Posted: Nov 05 2017 @ 3:32 PM
Kris from Chronicles of a Father with Cents recently posted a very insightful article about his financial mistakes. When I finished reading it, I had no choice but to reach out to him to share an idea that came to mind. The pitch was the following: “Kris, wouldn’t it be great if we started a […] The post My Financial Mistakes appeared first on A JOURNEY TO FI. ...
Posted: Oct 22 2017 @ 3:26 AM
A couple of months ago I came across a great post by budget on a stick where he introduced the concept of a Money Map. He defines it as a “chart that shows you where all your money is coming in and going out“. In theory, this should be super simple but it will ultimately depend on […] The post My Financial Money Map appeared first on A JOURNEY TO FI. ...
Posted: Oct 07 2017 @ 9:00 PM
I want to thank Araminta from Financially Mint who graciously nominated A Journey to FI for a Blogger Recognition Award. Initially, I was a little bit skeptical about the whole thing but once I started reading I realized it was the real deal!. A Journey to FI has only been out there for a few months so […] The post Blogger Recognition Award appeared first on A JOURNEY TO FI. ...
Posted: Sep 30 2017 @ 1:55 PM
A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through the content I follow but one stood out from the crowd. The title of the post was “Stacking Functions” by the Happy Philosopher (HP). As I started reading, the HP did a phenomenal job describing opportunities to improve efficiencies in various aspects of personal finance (PF); […] The post The Law of Diminishing Returns appeared first on A JOURNEY TO FI. ...
Posted: Sep 22 2017 @ 7:30 PM
From reading posts from many of my fellow Personal Finance (PF) bloggers it occurred to me how much of the drive in achieving financial freedom has been influenced by having role models in our lives. While some might say they’ve stumbled upon the PF community just by chance or by a desire to live life in […] The post 5 Valuable Lessons From My Financial Mentor appeared first on A JOURNEY TO ...
Posted: Sep 01 2017 @ 11:12 AM


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