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I have always believed that the key to reaching any goal is to be able to remain focused, consistent and motivated.  Know where this is more important than when you are working to pay off debt and save cash.  The Snowball Method for debt elimination, the Cash Ladder, establishing a budget are all important tools […] The post How to Simplify Your Personal Finance Processes for Success appeared first on . ...
Posted: Sep 21 2017 @ 3:32 AM
One of the greatest misconceptions surrounding investing is that it requires a large sum of money to get started. And typically that misunderstanding is then followed by the fear that if you invest all your hard earned money you risk losing it due to a down turn in the market. However, if you’re new to […] The post What is a Dollar-Cost Averaging Investment Strategy? appeared first on . ...
Posted: Sep 19 2017 @ 9:54 AM
Guest Post Provided by: Andrew Altman w/ Slick Bucks Automated investing solutions can invest small amounts of money for you at a time. From very small investments that trickle out of your account to investments that round up all of your transactions (thereby investing your spare change), these apps make it easier for you to […] The post Pros and Cons of Using Automated Investing as a Main Investment Strategy appeared ...
Posted: Sep 18 2017 @ 3:39 AM
The journey to financial independence, is seldom a direct path. Everyone’s circumstances are different – their needs, wants and goals. In addition, there are a host of opinions, perspectives and insights that can influence which path to take. However, the questions are often the same. How to Pay Off Debt? How to Save Money or […] The post Think Differently About Your Finances appeared first on . ...
Posted: Sep 16 2017 @ 11:38 AM
Regardless of which credit card survey you read, most indicate that the average credit card debt in the U.S. is @$16,000 (household), which translates to over $780 billion in consumer debt in the United States. While the financial cost of credit card debt are obvious – paying more in interest, not being able to save, […] The post 4 Tips to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast appeared first on . ...
Posted: Sep 14 2017 @ 8:09 AM
In the world of investing, most are familiar with the practice of purchasing individual securities to establish their own investment portfolio.  For example you may purchase 3-4 different stocks or bonds as a means of investing for retirement.  You manage them on your own making your own decisions – buying and selling them based on […] The post What is a Mutual Fund? appeared first on . ...
Posted: Sep 12 2017 @ 10:33 PM
Have you thought about becoming an author? Is writing a book on your bucket list? When I initially came up with the idea of writing an eBook series and creating a personal finance blog, I must say I wasn’t sure what to expect, or how far I would even get. Eight months later it’s been […] The post How to Self-Publish an eBook in 5 Steps appeared first on . ...
Posted: Sep 11 2017 @ 9:07 AM
ETF is an acronym for Exchange-Traded Fund and is another type of investment vehicle or security. ETFs were created in the early 90’s as a means of  providing investors with the ability to purchase a set of “pooled” investment resources – like stocks and bonds. In this respect ETFs are similar to a mutual fund, […] The post What is an ETF? appeared first on . ...
Posted: Sep 06 2017 @ 9:13 AM
Actually the real question might be – how many credit cards should you have based on what the credit card companies think? Ever since I started blogging about personal finance topics I have wanted to write an article focused on credit cards, specifically the number of credit cards you should own. Because I believe effective […] The post How Many Credit Cards Should You Have? appeared first on . ...
Posted: Sep 04 2017 @ 11:57 AM
For some people, the budgeting question of whether to spend money on a home, or a car, is a simple one. While a home is your castle, and your opportunity to feel safe and comfortable with your family, a car can simply be a convenient way of getting around. However, in some circumstances, a car […] The post Budgeting Questions: Should You Spend on Your Car or Your Home? appeared first ...
Posted: Aug 31 2017 @ 8:43 AM


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