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All About The Dividends
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Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
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SINK (Single Income, No Kids)
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Hey guys how are you' Today I thought I would share with you a couple of raises I received on November 9th, 2017. I love dividend investing and I hope you do as well, all I had to do is buy shares and if the companies raise their dividend I get a bonus for doing … Continue reading Two Raises For The Portfolio ...
Posted: Nov 21 2017 @ 5:42 AM
  Hey guys I made a purchase and wanted to share it with you. I really wasn’t planning on making a purchase for the remainder of 2017 but said I would if something was screaming buy buy buy. I believe I found that in ZCL Composites Inc. on Nov 2nd after the markets closed the … Continue reading New Purchase ZCL Composites Inc. ...
Posted: Nov 14 2017 @ 7:43 AM
Hello everyone how are you? Welcome to my October net worth post. This is the first time I’m doing a net worth post. These posts are very popular with other bloggers and they gave me the inspiration to write this post, and share with you my net worth. I would like to say that I decided to do this post about a week ago therefore I don’t have any figures for ...
Posted: Nov 07 2017 @ 8:20 AM
Hello everyone Happy Halloween. It’s time for my favourite post, today I will be sharing with you how many dividends I received in October. If feels like I just wrote my September post the other day where is the time going? October was a good month for me I hope it was for you as well. This month saw me receive dividends from 15 stocks and 1 ETF, including 4 ...
Posted: Oct 31 2017 @ 9:34 AM
Hi friends today I am going to take a little break from talking about investing.  I thought I would talk about the credit cards I have, and how I earn money while I spend my money. The idea came to me while I was paying my bill. I use a credit card for every purchase I make. I couldn’t tell you the last time I paid with cash or even ...
Posted: Oct 24 2017 @ 8:55 AM
Hey fellow investors thought I would do a bonus post this week.  On Monday October 16th, 2017 Fortis announced a 6.25% raise to it’s dividend. This raise marks the 44th consecutive annual dividend raise from Fortis. This is the first raise for my portfolio in a couple of months when Royal Bank of Canada announced their raise on August 23rd. About Fortis Fortis Inc. is a Canada-based electric and gas utility holding ...
Posted: Oct 20 2017 @ 7:33 AM
Hi everyone how are you? Today I thought I would share my portfolio with you. Below I will share with you what sectors I am invested in. I will share with you the current value of my portfolio and the size of my two accounts within my portfolio. I decided to review my portfolio because I wanted to see where I am invested in the most and least, this allows ...
Posted: Oct 17 2017 @ 8:48 AM
Wow we are already in the final third of 2017 where has the time gone? Since October is the start of the final quarter of the year that means it’s time for me to provide you with an update on my goals. This year I set goals for my personal finance, investing, for the blog and finally Twitter. If you would like to check out my first two reviews please ...
Posted: Oct 10 2017 @ 8:46 AM
Hello everyone and welcome to my post where I will share with you how I did last month collecting dividends. I hope you all had a great month. Personally I had a very good month, I had a big increase this September compared to last September. Last month I cracked the $400 mark for the fourth time this year. My portfolio consists of two accounts, first is the Tax Free ...
Posted: Oct 03 2017 @ 9:07 AM
Hey folks today’s post is something different, I decided not to do an investing post. Today’s post is going to be about something that happened to me recently and I thought I would share it with you. I’m sure it’s happened to everyone, and I’m sure we all handle it differently. I applied for a job. If you follow me on Twitter you already know the result of my application. My Job And ...
Posted: Sep 26 2017 @ 8:49 AM


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