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Early Retirement
financial independence, mindfulness, meaning, investing
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Why are Americans so bad at saving money? And why are some people so good at it? The Atlantic has a nifty video that talks about why Americans don’t save very much. Of course for those struggling to get by, saving is a luxury. But most of us could save if we were so inclined, and people in other countries generally save more than Americans. Why? The Atlantic postulates that income inequality may ...
Posted: Sep 27 2017 @ 12:11 PM
I have a cash problem.  Instead of investing it all according to my asset allocation, I stash it in a low-paying money market or CD. I share this bit of shameful information to show how difficult it is to make sound financial choices even when we have the knowledge. Financial success is more about habits than knowledge. That’s why paying yourself first through automatic deductions is a key to wealth building. ...
Posted: Sep 19 2017 @ 4:04 PM
How much money money is enough? I asked around: Enough to meet my needs and a few luxuries. Enough to be safe. Enough to be happy. $10 million (I hear this number frequently in Silicon Valley circles). Enough never to work again. Enough to leave a legacy for my family. These answers illustrate the “squishiness” of money, as it’s very difficult to put a number on safety or happiness. It’s amazing how money and work dominate our ...
Posted: Sep 12 2017 @ 3:01 PM
I just returned from a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, the largest artist and writing residency program in the US. It was an amazing two weeks of productivity and inspiration, where I managed to write 21,000 words on a fiction project. I also marveled at the creativity and dedication of the artists and writers in residence. My office during the residency: I’ve never done a residency like this before, and I ...
Posted: Aug 08 2017 @ 2:10 PM
Fear sells. If you follow personal finance topics you’ve certainly heard about “the looming retirement crisis” or how most American’s don’t save enough for retirement. Hogwash. There are millions of Americans with absolutely nothing saved. In fact, there are 57 million of them. But the fear mongering which takes place in the news, often sourced from financial institutions themselves, is counter-productive to the people who are saving. Most retirement calculators are created ...
Posted: Jul 30 2017 @ 12:13 PM
We all want to know how we’re doing. Most of us get an annual physical to proactively identify any looming problems and set a baseline for future tracking. Our financial lives should be no different. Here’s a ten point financial check list to see where you are and where you’re going. And unlike your physical, it won’t hurt a bit. Debt. Do you have consumer debt? If so, how much? At what ...
Posted: Jul 18 2017 @ 1:25 PM
Having a good paying job is a blessing. My dad was a painting contractor and growing up his income fluctuated, especially in the winter, and his mood would grow tense when work slowed. So when I grew up, I was grateful for the steady deposits in my bank account every two weeks. While the title is a bit tongue in cheek, there is a point to the snark. While a ...
Posted: Jul 13 2017 @ 1:40 PM
I left a “dream job” last year after 20 years in high tech marketing, at the age of 42. I didn’t received a dot.com pay out, nor was I an early employee at Google or Facebook. I started my career at the bottom, making $21,000 a year. For the last ten years I worked at a non-profit that paid well and had outstanding benefits. The job afforded me travel, lots of ...
Posted: Jun 28 2017 @ 1:36 PM
The goal of financial independence is freedom and control. The money itself isn’t that important, it’s the freedom it buys by allowing you to optimize for fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction. Sounds great, right? But when you bring up financial independence, most people usually give one of the following responses: Well, duh, everyone wants that, but I never could because I don’t make enough/I have kids/I live in an expensive area/l owe a lot/life is ...
Posted: Mar 24 2017 @ 12:29 PM
Books are the fuel for changing your life. I know this first hand, since I credit books for delivering me from my small town roots in Central California to a life I could have only imagined. I believe that reading non-fiction and fiction regularly is a requirement for personal fulfillment and success. Here is a list of books that I think are foundational for Financial Independence. Note: the list isn’t ...
Posted: Mar 21 2017 @ 3:12 PM


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