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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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The Power of Small Wins and Financial Independence A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a coworker of mine who is training for the Marine Corps Marathon that happens in Washington, DC every year. Our conversation went a little something like this: Me: “How do you stay focused for so long? The reason I don’t run long distances is because I find training really boring. I would never be able ...
Posted: Aug 09 2017 @ 8:00 PM
Your Savings Rate and Your Net Worth Your savings rate, or how much of your income goes into savings and investing, is an incredibly powerful barometer for how well you are doing at growing your net worth and achieving your early retirement goals. In The Basic Equation that Governs Your Financial Life, I wrote out the formula I use to assess how I am doing on my journey towards financial independence ...
Posted: Aug 06 2017 @ 8:00 PM
Index Funds: The Gold Standard of Stock Market Investing In 2008, Warren Buffet, the most successful investor in history, made a bet with Protégé Partners LLC, a hedge fund, that pitted the world of active and passive investing against each other. It was a simple bet; both parties would invest and whoever had the most money after 10 years, net of fees, won. (The winner got to choose the charity that ...
Posted: Aug 03 2017 @ 8:00 PM
The Basic Equation that Governs Your Financial Life If you haven’t gathered yet by any of my posts, I am a bit of a numbers nerd. I was always a few grades ahead of my peers in math class (I could do long division by the time I was in kindergarten) and earned my MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business, one of the most quant-focused business schools in ...
Posted: Aug 01 2017 @ 8:00 PM
Net Worth Tracker: $438,086 (+$39,367) It was quite a month for our net worth, which grew by nearly 10%! I can't take credit for all of it, however. Mrs. NFF's grandmother provided us with a $25,000 contribution towards NFF Jr.'s future education. However, even without the extra $25,000 we still grew our net worth by over $14,000, or 3.6%. We had our 2nd-best spending month of the year, which helped to ...
Posted: Jul 30 2017 @ 8:00 PM
Supercharge your Retirement Savings with the 401k The journey for financial freedom and early retirement, particularly for people just starting out, begins with the powerful 401k. Since I started working after college, I have been fortunate enough to have access to a 401k through my work. So far, it has been my primary wealth-building tool and is one of my largest financial assets. What is a 401k? The 401k is an investment account, ...
Posted: Jul 25 2017 @ 8:00 PM
The 4% Rule: What Is It and Why It Matters The tipping point for reaching financial independence is the point at which your liquid assets generate enough income and capital gains to cover your annual expenses for the rest of your life. What an amazing concept, right? That moment in time means absolute freedom for you, to be able to decide when, where, and how long you want to work, if ...
Posted: Jul 19 2017 @ 8:00 PM
The Emergency Fund: Insurance for Your Financial Life No personal finance blog, advice column, or book is complete without a post on the emergency fund. Articles and advice on how much you should have saved can range dramatically, from $400 to 12-months of spending. It is amazing how many people in the US couldn’t afford an unexpected $400 expense. It can be difficult to know what the “right” amount to have in an emergency ...
Posted: Jul 18 2017 @ 8:00 PM
In Walter Mosley's "The Long Fall", he wrote: "A man's bookcase will tell you everything you'll ever need to know about him." In this post, I want to introduce you do my virtual bookcase of podcasts and blogs that have shaped my views on personal finance over the last several years. Mr. Money Mustache (www.mrmoneymustache.com) Any personal finance blogger worth his salt has at least heard of Mr. Money Mustache, even if ...
Posted: Jul 17 2017 @ 8:00 PM
Case Study: Using a 401k to Pay for Graduate School ...
Posted: Jul 16 2017 @ 8:00 PM


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