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Jasmine Golden

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Surviving Cents
General Finance
budgeting, personal finance, savings, raising money smart kids, goal setting, money management
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Ravenna, Ohio, United States
African American
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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If you know me or have gotten some sense of my personality, then you know I’m not really the one to beat around the bush. You’re here because you want to know what it is I have to say about the hundreds maybe even thousands of overpriced blogging courses that render themselves useless. Or Maybe you share my exact sentiments because you like myself have purchased a blogging course because ...
Posted: Nov 13 2017 @ 3:50 PM
I was recently checking out my blogging buddy Rachel’s planning blog at planningmindfully.com... ...
Posted: Nov 09 2017 @ 9:35 AM
  Have you ever been in a situation where you claim you are broke but yet miraculously you have the money to buy that $50 pair of shoes you see in Macy’s that you just had to have? Or Maybe it was the latest piece of technology and you just couldn’t pass it by. Well, I have more times than I can count and I’m pretty sure you have also. You know that saying “You ...
Posted: Nov 02 2017 @ 2:06 PM
An Extra $1,000 a month? That’s an extra $12,000 a year that you wouldn’t have otherwise. What could you do with that? Pay off debt load up your emergency fund put into savings Save for a home With the average person not even having $1,000 in their savings account, I know you could find a good use for an extra $1,000. And on top of that, I’m just a fan of having multiple streams of income. Whether ...
Posted: Oct 27 2017 @ 9:59 AM
You have been on your job for quite a while now, but investing has never really been a thought. You just want to make sure you have enough money to pay your bills, the family is taking care of and a little extra to have some fun. But what about your future? Do you plan on working the rest of life? I hope NOT! I know from experience when you are working you just want ...
Posted: Oct 18 2017 @ 5:49 PM
Hi there! My name is Paul Scrivens and I’m a blogger. That’s pretty weird to say simply because many people don’t know that “blogging” is actually something you can make money from. When you think of the term “blog”, what comes to mind? You probably don’t think of it as a side hustle but that is exactly what a blog can be. In fact, it’s one of the few online side hustles that ...
Posted: Oct 10 2017 @ 2:18 AM
Hi, my name is Paul Scrivens and I have a confession to make: I’m terrible with money. I grew up lower-middle-class which wasn’t a big deal to me. I had a roof over my head and food on the table. I didn’t ask for much because I knew the answer was going to be “we don’t have money for that.” Money was always a big deal because my parents liked to emphasize how much ...
Posted: Oct 10 2017 @ 2:08 AM
  For most starting a business is just a dream. Having the ability to set your own schedule, do what you love, and set your own rules. In fact, many of you just like me have degrees and still can’t find a job that makes you happy. Personally, I just don’t like others telling me what to do. And I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Every day I see new ways ...
Posted: Oct 09 2017 @ 4:32 PM
The year has flown past and can you believe it will be Christmas soon? Only 3 months left! A time for love, festivities, great food, and giving. But for many, maybe even for you, it can be a time for stress with all the hustle and bustle and the high demand our culture places on giving our children the best gifts possible. Well, you know what? Our culture can go kick rocks because ...
Posted: Sep 28 2017 @ 6:32 PM
You are probably used to budgeting monthly or at least of hearing of budgeting monthly. If so I would like to officially welcome you to the ANTI Monthly Budget Zone! Yes, I am very much against monthly budgets because they just are not effective. Unless you only get paid once a month, then you have my blessing to budget only once a month. The reason I say monthly budgets are ineffective is the ...
Posted: Sep 18 2017 @ 10:10 AM


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