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In the past, I’ve talked about how cars are depreciating assets. From a financial standpoint, it’s better to buy used so somebody else can take the largest depreciation hit up front. Since the value only goes down, it’s also better to minimize how much you spend on a car. So why did I spend $50k … Continue reading "Why I Bought a 2017 Audi S3" The post Why I Bought a ...
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Having been married for many years now, I’ve become quite an expert at buying diamonds. Not by choice, mind you. But when you screw up as often as I do and you have a bad back, you have to do something (anything) to get off of sleeping on the couch. Given my experience, here’s my … Continue reading "Diamond Buying Guide on a Budget" The post Diamond Buying Guide on a ...
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It’s that time of year again! Pumpkin spice, snow, and if you’re lucky, eggnog. Preferably eggnog spike with a lot of alcohol. Know what else it’s time for' Protecting your P&L! Working at a hedge fund is a very interesting role. When I was an engineer, I would work on various projects. Sometimes the projects … Continue reading "Year-End Investment Strategies to Boost Your P&L" The post Year-End Investment Strategies to ...
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It’s been a while since I took the CFA exams. You’d be surprised how many stone tablets the curriculum was written on. And it was so noisy, with everybody working as fast as they could with their abacuses. Okay, so it wasn’t that long ago. But it was longer than I’d like to admit. Thankfully, … Continue reading "How I Prepared for the CFA Exams" The post How I Prepared for ...
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Before we being, I want to point out how much I love driving. I love my car too. It’s fun being in control and flooring it (within the speed limit of course) every once in a while. So I’m not advocating getting rid of your car to save money. Besides, I live in Texas. So … Continue reading "How Much Is Your Car’s Total Cost of Ownership'" The post How Much ...
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“What am I missing'” These are the four most important words in the world of investing. If you want to invest like a professional, this is what you always need to ask yourself. Unlike, “This time it’s different”. If you hear an investor say this to you, run away! Don’t look back and run away … Continue reading "What Am I Missing'" The post What Am I Missing' appeared first on ...
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As an institutional investor, I focus solely on the numbers. My valuation is based on a set of verified assumptions. I look at where something trades vs. historicals, and my upside/downside is based on probabilities. I’m just kidding. It’s true, I look at all those things, but sometimes you just need to go with your … Continue reading "What is Hate Selling'" The post What is Hate Selling' appeared first on ...
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