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Happy Friday the 13th everyone When I was brainstorming for today’s post I really wanted to target this special day. Unfortunately, my research did not provide me enough financially related (and funny) information to be able to tailor a whole article around the topic. Anyway, I just leave here the only one I fabricated. I love you Jason, please don’t come after me! 😃 This date is associated with bad luck, ...
Posted: Oct 13 2017 @ 10:00 AM
Do you even budget? I have a confession. I don’t budget. Or not really. I have tried. Multiple ways. And I am not trying anymore. Here lies the story which tells why. When you get… “financially confused”, start digging the internet and end up at personal finance blogs this is the first thing they “tell you”. -Do you have a budget? -Uhhmm… No. -What on earth, you should have one. ...
Posted: Oct 10 2017 @ 9:40 AM
This week I was struggling with the topic and the content for the Funny Friday. Was kind of busy week both at home and at work and to bring more complexity to the equation 3/4 of the family caught a cold. I was afraid that I will fail in consistency so soon. Then today MySonsFather posted his epic series starter post “My Financial Mount Rushmore” and saved the day. In ...
Posted: Oct 06 2017 @ 9:20 AM
Probably you read already my introductory post and guessed so far that I am not a superstar investor. Thus don’t expect me sharing my ultimate 2000% earner super-hot-handpicked-stock-portfolio or a user manual for how to grow magic beans properly. There are smarter and more skilled bloggers and advisors who can fill this void. To be honest until my thirties from the trinity of Earn-Save-Invest principle only the former two was obvious ...
Posted: Oct 03 2017 @ 9:00 AM
Hope you enjoyed the last week’s Funny Friday about its origin story. After the good feedback on my car post earlier this week I thought I will carry on with the topic and make a series of car-related memes. Financially speaking of course. And frugally. And logically. Here they are. Everybody needs a role model. Why not Bill? If you are like Bill you would probably question the choices of your family ...
Posted: Sep 29 2017 @ 6:40 AM
Yes, I will continue with the seemingly obligatory “car post”. Please don’t be disappointed if you were expecting some wisdom from the past, just read on. Before I start let me confess that I am not a “car guy”. It’s not that I don’t admire the engineering performance, a good design or a feeling, but I’m not that much into it. For me, a car is a metal (are they ...
Posted: Sep 26 2017 @ 9:17 AM
In my previous posts, I was tackling “serious” topics while I was recalling the events of the past. For today I wanted to come up with a more lightweight post. Many fellow bloggers have some kind of periodic post series on a topic and I thought maybe I should develop this habit too. Thus the idea of Funny Fridays was born. Maybe will not be so invaluable like Mr.1500’s Friday ...
Posted: Sep 22 2017 @ 9:35 AM
In these days when the internet is full of financial lessons, it is very hard to publish some original ones. As I stated on my introductory page repeating well-known facts is not amongst my goals so I will try to introduce you to a few new ones. From my first post, you could already know that I grew up in a little bit different economic environment than you in the ...
Posted: Sep 19 2017 @ 9:15 AM
Hi fellow FIREstarter, welcome to my corner of the internet! The title of this introductory post could have been “My journey” or something similar, but that would be boring. Like for many fellow thirtysomething millennials “The Matrix” movie made a huge impact on my young mindset so let this title be a salute. That was the first movie I have seen in cinema and I was shocked, inspired and disturbed ...
Posted: Sep 14 2017 @ 6:00 AM


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