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Cashing in Coins
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Ames, Iowa, United States
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IT / Healthcare
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College tuition In my Net worth post, I promised to write about why we chose to pay only half of our First son’s (FS) college tuition.  At the time we were preparing for FS to start college, our focus was how to pay for it all.  It was a very stressful time.  It seemed we … Continue reading "Why we only pay for half of our son’s college tuition" The post ...
Posted: Nov 15 2017 @ 1:14 PM
Posted: Nov 08 2017 @ 1:40 PM
I need a true emergency savings account Last week I wrote about bad luck that hit us.  The bad luck was really our lack of planning.  We had saved up to have our kitchen remodeled and before we could replenish the savings our furnace and other issues came up.  We were using the savings account … Continue reading "True emergency savings" The post True emergency savings appeared first on Cashing in ...
Posted: Nov 07 2017 @ 10:02 AM
The first time I tracked our net worth I am so excited to see Cashing in Coins listed on Rockstar directory recently added blog list.  Every morning starts with me sipping on my coffee while reading through the different posts the Rockstar Directory update everyday. While savoring the moment of seeing my site name listed, a … Continue reading "Net Worth 2017" The post Net Worth 2017 appeared first on Cashing in ...
Posted: Nov 06 2017 @ 10:12 AM
October 2017 dividend update I am not looking forward to the time change this Sunday.  Even with the  extra hour, my body does not like the change.  It takes 2-3 days for me to feel in sync again. What is in sync are my dividends.  I am on pace to make $100 more this year … Continue reading "October 2017 Dividend Update" The post October 2017 Dividend Update appeared first on ...
Posted: Nov 04 2017 @ 12:09 PM
I had been dreaming of updating my kitchen for a few years. I was tired of the sunny yellow walls, scratched up laminate counter tops and white sink that always looked dirty. We saved and in August we were finally able to have our kitchen remodeled. The kitchen walls are now a light mocha color … Continue reading "Bad luck" The post Bad luck appeared first on Cashing in Coins. ...
Posted: Nov 03 2017 @ 10:28 AM
Growing up, money was not a topic that our family discussed. Mostly, I believe, because my parents did not have much money and they struggled to provide for our family of 7.  My family rarely had a phone and the water was shut off frequently.  Through it all, my parents made sure we were fed … Continue reading "Motivation" The post Motivation appeared first on Cashing in Coins. ...
Posted: Nov 02 2017 @ 11:31 AM


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