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Latest Blog Posts

I thought a lot about how/when to write this post. Mainly, I had a hard time writing it without including any of our lovely photos. Beyond the fact that showing pictures would require attribution to our photographer, we agreed that sharing pictures unless I would Facebook friend a reader would go against our anonymity preferences. […] ...
Posted: Jan 03 2018 @ 7:25 PM
In August, I canceled my monthly auto transfer to the joint checking account and my husband changed his to cover all of our household expenses. Today, that change really kicks in. It’s real. … We set an annual household budget for 2017 back in December. It was actually pretty easy – we took the contents […] ...
Posted: Sep 01 2017 @ 3:00 PM
Income This year so far has been a relatively boring year for income, which has been surprisingly not that noticeable, probably thanks to my front loading my retirement accounts last year. ($384) My portion of the extra income taxes due (marriage tax penalty) $2,513 My portion of the value of the credit card points redeemed […] ...
Posted: Jul 14 2017 @ 3:00 PM
I’ll leave this tidbit for a more financial update: I own 68% of the condo, my husband 9%, and the bank 23%, or in another way: I own 59%, we own 18%, and the bank owns 23%. This is a huge change from December where I owned 76% and the bank 24%. I’m not ready […] ...
Posted: Jun 29 2017 @ 2:32 AM
My February net worth was only down about $1,000, which is notable because my total net income was $1,100 and I paid a large grad school tuition bill. I anticipate my net worth going down 1.4% from December 2016 to December 2017 and so far it is up 0.2%, which is on schedule. It’s been really fun watching […] ...
Posted: Mar 07 2017 @ 12:22 AM
Note: I’m not a lawyer. This post describes our process of developing our nuptial agreement and not the actual legal agreement itself. Separate or combined bank accounts don’t make a marriage. Communication and shared values do far more than your decision to keep your money legally separate or combined. I’ve been startled as I’ve talked about our post-nuptial […] ...
Posted: Feb 23 2017 @ 4:00 PM
It took until the end of January for me to really sit down and figure out a plan for 2017. I now have a plan in place for: graduating with my Masters, a timeline for a honeymoon, and a strong cost estimate of the wedding reception. What I plan to do after my Masters is still […] ...
Posted: Feb 07 2017 @ 12:46 AM
I’ll go into more detail in later posts about how and why exactly my husband and I plan to keep parts of our finances separate, including how we’re handling the condo. For now, let’s look at what our joint spending plan looks like for 2017. We spent about an hour one weekend in mid-December looking at the categories we counted […] ...
Posted: Jan 09 2017 @ 2:06 PM
2016 was a year full of huge highs and lows! I started the year with a pretty solidly ambitious plan and despite the various life changes that happened, the year actually turned out pretty well financially, all things considered. You should note while reading this post that my husband and I have separate finances and that everything described in this post is […] ...
Posted: Jan 03 2017 @ 4:00 PM
I started working on this post after my husband and I had been dating for about a year. I’m publishing it now as a snapshot of how our financial management evolved during our dating relationship. I’ll have plenty more to say about how we will manage money going forward in our marriage, don’t worry! Friends and Early Dating […] ...
Posted: Dec 19 2016 @ 4:31 PM


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