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Savvy Family Finance
General Finance
Debt, Budgeting
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Oregon, United States
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SIK (Single Income, Kids)
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Inside: Check out these money saving tips for bathroom items you normally buy. Ever worry about waste in the bathroom' Er….wonder how you can save money on all that stuff you keep in the bathroom' Living frugally, or just plain not wasting money, involves saving money in all areas. Yep, bathroom included. Continue reading ...
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Inside: Discover easy steps you can take to lower the cost of doing laundry. I’m sitting here listening to the washer and dryer running. Again. As a family of four with most of us either doing sports or other workouts, we certainly generate enough laundry. It seems obvious that we would try to save money on laundry costs because with every load of laundry, we are paying for water, sewer, gas and ...
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Inside: See how goals progressed in January. January has flown by, which means February will likely be the same! School activities are starting to pick up again and we’ll even be registering our oldest for high school next week. On the blog this year I’ll be trying something a bit different. As this is a blog about family finance, I thought it would only be fair to give some updates on our ...
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Inside: Learn whether a 15 or 30-year mortgage is right for you. Have you sat down to look at mortgages and one of you says the 15-year loan makes the most sense and will cost less, but the other really likes the lower payments on the 30-year loan' Who is right' Continue reading ...
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Inside: Whether you are a teen or have been married for over 20 years, finding ways to have a fun, cheap date night may leave you stumped. We’ve got you covered. We’ve all been there. You want to have some alone time with your sweetie. The normal dinner and a movie get pricey, though. Continue reading ...
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Inside: Need a starting point for your budget' Here you’ll find common budget percentages to help you set up your budget. Making a budget can seem intimidating. But like most things that seem complicated, it becomes easier once it is all broken down into smaller pieces. That is how managing your money becomes easier. Continue reading ...
Posted: Jan 10 2018 @ 12:07 PM
Happy New Year! Have you kicked out 2017 and ready for something new' I certainly am. Having a calendar year mark the occasion of reflecting on the past and setting new goals is as good a time to start as any other. So, we’ll go with it. Was the year good to you' Awful' A mix' Continue reading ...
Posted: Jan 03 2018 @ 9:03 PM
The purpose of this blog is to help others with money related issues. I want this blog to be a useful resource for readers and the only way to ensure I’m doing that is to get feedback. What is working, and what isn’t' To that end, I put together an anonymous survey where you can let me know what you like on the blog, what features you don’t care for, and ...
Posted: Dec 14 2017 @ 12:16 PM
Inside: These are some of the top personal finance books, with good reason! Information and inspiration for your financial journey abound in these pages. If you’ve ever lacked motivation when budgeting or not known where to start with investing, then you know that having a good resource is immensely helpful. The right words can motivate you to continue on your budgeting journey. Continue reading ...
Posted: Dec 08 2017 @ 7:29 AM
Inside: Find out if cheaper is better when it comes to purses. You know what I dread shopping for' A purse. So let me explain that growing up I earned a C- in Girl 101. The whole fashion thing, picking out clothes, and wearing make-up has never come naturally to me. Continue reading ...
Posted: Dec 04 2017 @ 1:00 PM


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