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Kansas City, MO, Missouri, United States
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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)
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Carrie and I were on our way out to look at a new set of couches for our living room. A neighbor stopped us to chat… What are you up to today' We’re going to look at some couches. Oh, what store are you going to' Uh, Craigslist. The question caught me off guard. When […] The post Be open to free and free will be open to you. appeared first ...
This month I’m taking a challenge myself from some blogger friends Mr. and Mrs. Frugal Woods. Learn more about the Uber Frugal Month Challenge! Sign up for the daily emails and have fun. I’m on day #8 so far and I’m loving this challenge. -Derek The post Feb 2017 Monthly Challenge: Uber Frugal Month (from Frugal Woods) appeared first on HOW DO I MONEY'. ...
Spring is springing, time to clean house and stuff some cash in the bank! Your challenge is to go through your house, basement, attic, garage, and storage unit and sell as much stuff as you can. Craigslist, ebay, yardsale, pawn shop…. whatever. Just get it done. Sell so much stuff it starts to feel weird!!! […] The post March 2017 Challenge! Clean out your house and sell your JUNK! appeared first ...
The core message of this blog is to keep things simple and moving forward. (And have fun!) It’s time we get back to the basics. Here’s the same four steps we took when we first started paying attention to our money. Follow these four simple steps and you’ll turn from totally lost to totally in […] The post Go from *totally lost* to *totally in control* with these four money basics. ...
One number. Easy to calculate. Fun to watch grow. One of the most important parts of money management. If you’ve never calculated your net worth, do it today! Here’s how… Assets – Debts = Net Worth It’s that easy. It takes less time than working a monthly budget. The tools we use to track our net […] The post Why you should track your net worth (and how) appeared first on HOW ...
We went from a 133 square foot travel trailer to a 2 story house and managed to fill it with stuff almost over night. It’s almost like someone breaks in at night and leaves stuff instead of stealing it. (Sometimes I wish they would steal!) In this episode Carrie and I discuss how your house […] The post 17 – Fighting The Clutter Monster! (Podcast) appeared first on HOW DO I ...
There’s a million different ways to manage your money. And a million different tools to help. I get asked often what tool should I use' My answer is always the same… Use the tool that works best for you. Here’s what works best for us. Carrie and I use a Google Sheet. We use it […] The post Use the budgeting tool that works for you. (Here’s what works for us.) ...
Join the Facebook group to get the most out of all of our monthly money challenges.   Tracking (and growing) your net worth, let’s do this! I’ve been tracking our net worth since 2010. I do it every single month right after I track our spending, create a new budget and update our debt snowball. […] The post Track and Grow Your Net Worth (April challenge!) appeared first on HOW DO ...
So there was this band called The Beatles. They were incredible. They had an album called Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. There’s a song on that album called Fixing a Hole. Last week I watched a documentary about the making of the album. When they got to the song Fixing a Hole a lyric […] The post How The Beatles Helped Me Find What’s Important In Life appeared first on ...
Major Announcement! Short version I have accepted a position as a sales agent for SelectQuote insurance! I started Aug 7th. I am very excited about the job and about moving into this new chapter in life. I don’t know what the future holds for this blog but if I had to guess it will either […] The post The Next Chapter for The Olsens appeared first on HOW DO I MONEY'. ...


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