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General Finance
Debt, Budgeting
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Des Moines, Iowa, United States
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SIK (Single Income, Kids)
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Don’t give your kids an allowance just because you received one. In fact, you might not want to give them one at all. I received an allowance as a kid. I can’t remember how much it was and can’t say that it created any great financial habits. I got an allowance mostly because my parents […] The post 5 Reasons Not to Give Your Kids an Allowance appeared first on PeerFinance101. ...
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Whether your goal is being debt free or just free of bad debt, this process will help you get there. I read a shocking statistic the other day. While only about 27% of Americans carry credit card debt, more than half of lower-income households have more debt than they make in a year. Worse still […] The post Debt Free or Just Free of Bad Debt' appeared first on PeerFinance101. ...
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The advantages of joint accounts outweigh the independence of separate finances after marriage The traditional view of merging finances with matrimony seem to be less enduring. Millennials are less likely than older generations to have joint accounts after marriage. A survey by TD Bank shows that 60% of Millennial couples report keeping credit card accounts […] The post Why Every Couple Needs Joint Financial Accounts appeared first on PeerFinance101. ...
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How a budget turned my financial life around and why everyone needs a budget. Many things in life are optional; a budget isn’t. Not having a budget is like planning a vacation and getting in your car but not knowing where you’re going. You’ll drive aimlessly for hours and ultimately run out of gas by […] The post My $77,500 Reasons You Really Need a Budget appeared first on PeerFinance101. ...
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Buying your home is better than renting but not for the reason you think Is there any personal finance topic more controversial than buying a home versus renting' Public opinion seems to go in waves. During good times when the economy is growing and home prices are rising, buying a home seems to be the […] The post This Dumb Financial Decision is the Right One to Make appeared first on ...
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