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The Work at Home Wife
Making Money
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Nebraska, United States
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DINK (Dual Income, No Kids)
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One concern I hear often from my community is how out of control life can feel sometimes when working from home. While we have grand thoughts of how in charge we will be of our lives once we are able to control our schedules and work for ourselves, that rarely ever happens. Does it' We […] The post How to Organize Your Life When Working From Home appeared first on The ...
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Does your blogging life feel a little out of control' Let me show you the Airtable system I use to keep track of my blog posts, affiliate programs, products and more. Don’t forget to enter your email below the video to get a copy of the Base template I use. Does your blogging life feel […] The post Airtable for Bloggers: Down & Dirty Digital Content Management appeared first on The ...
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Data entry jobs from home are generally easy – easy to do and easily a scam. The truth about data entry as a job is that – since the skills required are so basic – it just doesn’t pay the big bucks. Essentially, as long as you can read and type, you can enter data […] The post Where to Find (Legit) Data Entry Jobs from Home appeared first on The ...
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You are a business owner. You’re pursuing your passion and competing in the marketplace. Your customer service is exquisite; your time-management is on point; you’re efficient, effective, multi-tasking and magnificent…except for one thing…how are you managing your money' You’re not alone, for many solopreneurs and freelancers, fiddling with their finances equals an instant panic attack! […] The post 9 Ways the New FreshBooks Can Help Your Freelance Finances appeared first on ...
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I absolutely love the holiday season as an affiliate marketer. September through December is always my highest earning period of the year. People are online, credit cards in hand, ready to shop. Positioning your recommendations (and affiliate links) in their line of vision is one sure-fire way to increase your affiliate commissions this time of […] The post 8 Great Tips for Creating a Gift Guide appeared first on The Work ...
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