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The nerdgasms started before the wheels of the plane even hit the ground. I frantically scanned the scenery below us, wishing for the first time I’d brought binoculars, trying to find the attraction that brought us to this city. A city that we knew almost nothing about, save for the fact that it held the one thing that made our nerdtastic hearts go pitter patter and our graphing calculators overheat. ...
Posted: Sep 22 2017 @ 11:00 AM
Yesterday we participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (or AMA, as the cool kids call it), and while there were many questions curious about our journey, it also brought in the Internet haters. And because it had been awhile, I had forgotten what it was like to get blasted by Internet haters. Specifically, I had forgotten how much fun it was to spar with them. Here’s the AMA here ...
Posted: Sep 20 2017 @ 11:40 AM
As financial weirdos surrounded by normal people (or “normies” as we like to call them), it’s a rare and wonderful event when we meet another person just like us. In the 2 years we’ve been retired, we’ve only met a handful of these people in real life. And usually only 1 or 2 at a time. That all changed at Chautauqua UK, when we got to spend a whole week ...
Posted: Sep 18 2017 @ 9:00 AM
Greetings, readers! Today’s Friday reader case is actually pretty surprising (and surprised even us), because despite where you THINK it’s going, it takes a surprising turn. Read on to find out: Big Hello to FireCracker and Wanderer: I am so frickin enamored by your story. I found your blog about a month ago and I’ve just been binge reading the posts. I’ve fully convinced my husband that we need to ...
Posted: Sep 15 2017 @ 10:00 AM
Hello again and welcome back to the Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop! New readers, please click here to start from the beginning. Today I’d like to talk about Socially Responsible Investing or SRI as the cool kids call it. It’s a topic that’s been getting a bit of buzz lately, having being mentioned by Jim “The Godfather” Collins in his latest stock series post and having been the topic of heated ...
Posted: Sep 13 2017 @ 9:00 AM
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Beyonce Knowles and her band Destiny’s Child. (If not, hide, because the sound you just heard is the sound of her Bey Hive coming to attack you). But how many of you have heard of “LaTavia Roberson”? Anyone? Anyone? Well, the reason why you’ve never heard of her is because she quit the band, just before it broke out ...
Posted: Sep 11 2017 @ 11:26 AM
Before we went to Puebla, I knew absolutely nothing about it, other than the fact that it’s listed as one of the top 10 safest cities in Mexico (along with Merida), it’s a food mecca, much like Oaxaca, and that it’s only a 2 hour bus ride from Mexico city. So with 4 of my 5 criteria (WAVES = Walkable, Asian Food, Value, Eternal Summer, Safe) met, we decided it ...
Posted: Sep 08 2017 @ 9:00 AM
Hello again and welcome back to the Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop! New readers, please click here to start from the beginning. So a few weeks ago we were in Germany and I met up with fellow blogger Justin McCurry from RootOfGood.com who was also travelling through Europe with his lovely wife and family at the time. And in our booze-socked afternoon, the topic of taxes inevitably came up. Shut up. ...
Posted: Sep 06 2017 @ 10:08 AM
“How did you guys write a book together? Didn’t you just end up fighting all the time?” This is a question our friends have asked us often because we’ve had a few successful passion projects under our belt, but when we get together with them and ask how their joint projects/businesses are going this usually happens: Person A: “Can you please tell Person B that you think we should build ...
Posted: Sep 04 2017 @ 9:00 AM
It’s Friday and you know what that means! Time for another Reader Case. This week I’m writing from the Netherlands, where after coming down from the high of Chautauqua, we decided to stay with a friend for a week and play with her adorable kids. One thing I’ve noticed about kids is that they have a tendency to suck you into a vortex with their adorableness. Even though I was ...
Posted: Sep 01 2017 @ 9:00 AM


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