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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
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SINK (Single Income, No Kids)
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Maybe you’re a progressive and wish that NFL players tax rates were higher to fund safety net programs. Maybe you’re a staunch Trump supporter that’s disgusted that players kneel for the national anthem. Perhaps you’re a civil rights supporter who stands with the players in their efforts to achieve social justice for communities of color. Regardless of where you stand, I believe one thing is clear in this latest Trump vs. ...
Posted: Oct 05 2017 @ 2:06 PM
Sorry I’ve be MIA for a while y’all. Becoming an accidental entrepreneur through my biz Student Loan Planner takes more work that I thought it would. I was chillin’ at home with the new HBO subscription we got watching that Silicon Valley show with my friends. You know, the one with that guy from the Verizon commercial? Anyway the show is based on a bunch of dudes holed up in an incubator ...
Posted: Jul 25 2017 @ 11:35 AM
We’re all taught that markets are efficient. Yes there are times of irrational exuberance, but we can’t know when those times are, so we should keep investing and weather the storm no matter what. I’m really concerned right now about the state of the economy and markets in general. The FANG stocks (hence my leadoff pic of Zuckerberg), real estate, and especially bitcoin are really ebullient right now. I look around, ...
Posted: Jun 11 2017 @ 3:06 AM
Idk if you’ve been following the bitcoin market lately, but holy cow there’s a bubble going on there. I feel very confident in predicting it’s demise, unfortunately I just don’t know when that will occur. Here’s a few anecdotal experiences I’ve had in the past few weeks that make me almost positive Bitcoin’s days are numbered. My First Introduction to Who is Holding Bitcoin I went on a college reunion trip a few ...
Posted: May 28 2017 @ 2:50 AM
SourceThe major loan types of loans are car loans, mortgages, student loans, credit card loans, cash advances, and loans from pawnshops and payday lenders. Each category has a different average interest rate charged each year for borrowing money, but one of those stands out as the most absurdly expensive, poverty trap creating weapon of mass financial destruction. Loans used to buy physical assets like cars or houses typically carry lower interest ...
Posted: Apr 18 2017 @ 2:42 PM
You’re never supposed to talk about politics. It’s bad business and it makes people mad at you. It’s hard to come across as neutral when discussing an issue like the Affordable Care Act. Even using the word “Obamacare” sounds like a pejorative to some. I’ll use the term since Pres. Obama said he’s cool with it, and that’s how most people know it. I’m also going to be really personal ...
Posted: Apr 05 2017 @ 3:34 PM
Here’s what welfare for millionaires looks like. Thanks to sourceI just got a political ad in the mail. It showed off the storied soccer tradition of the great city of St. Louis. It told me that we needed to aspire to be more, and that we could be the city of the future if we only went to the polls this next Tuesday to say yes that we want to be a progressive ...
Posted: Mar 28 2017 @ 9:51 AM
Millennials seem to put off everything. Maybe we’re just waiting around to start our families and move to the suburbs with the white picket fence like everybody else. But maybe not. I’ve seen a surge of friends and acquaintances creating a new housing obsession that’s taking away big bucks that could be going to making us financially independent. These dollars are getting shoveled into the McLoft. Our Parents Beat Us to ...
Posted: Mar 21 2017 @ 2:17 PM
I’m worried there’s a fog shrouding the US economyAfter the past several weeks, the economy worries me quite a lot. I read a story recently that auto loans have hit a new high, especially among subprime borrowers. We’re at $1.1 trillion in auto debt and counting. My student loan business also gives me a first hand look at the mounting but slow boiling student debt crisis. I believe we’re currently ...
Posted: Mar 02 2017 @ 12:42 PM
I don’t think I’ve made it super public on the blog yet, but I’m engaged! I hope to still be engaged by the end of the article as well haha. We’re very excited, and I’ve mentally moved on from proposal planning to wedding planning. I’m learning more about decorations, venues, catering charges, and set up and tear … Continue reading "My Dream Wedding" The post My Dream Wedding appeared first on Millennial Moola. ...
Posted: Feb 16 2017 @ 5:08 PM


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