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Mr. Free At 33
Early Retirement
Frugality, Investing
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Sarasota, Florida, United States
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I’ve made a number of really good long-term investment choices over the course of the last seven years, building my Full-Time Fund in the process. It’s this Fund – my real-life portfolio – that generates most of the five-figure passive income I need to cover my basic needs (shelter, food, transportation, etc.) in life, rendering...Read More » ...
Posted: Nov 21 2017 @ 1:22 AM
I go over Berkshire Hathaway’s latest buys and sells in their common stock portfolio each quarter, after their latest 13F is released. I’m a huge fan of Warren Buffett, as are millions of other investors around the world. And so it’s a great honor to see what he’s up to. You can see the excerpt...Read More » ...
Posted: Nov 15 2017 @ 11:23 AM
I haven’t written a post like this in a long time. It’s been something like two years now. Time flies, which is just one reason why financial independence is so important. For years, I revealed the details of my real-life spending every single month. I showed exactly what I earned and spent, keeping myself honest...Read More » ...
Posted: Nov 13 2017 @ 8:57 AM
Financial freedom, as I see it, is an amazing lifestyle. It’s indeed that freedom that allows one to see the whole world in a different light. You become free from not just financial concerns (i.e., how will I pay rent or pay for food?); you become free from societal expectations, certain routines, jobs you don’t...Read More » ...
Posted: Nov 07 2017 @ 12:32 AM
That’s me on the left enjoying the “Three Cs”: #coffee, #cheesecake, and #chiangmai. I thought it’d be a bit funny and ironic to start a post on weight loss with a picture of me consuming coffee and cheesecake, but the truth is that I doubt I’ll eat even one more piece of cheesecake for the...Read More » ...
Posted: Oct 30 2017 @ 9:33 AM
Culture shock is real. First, let’s back up for a second. It’s easy to live in a bubble in America. You live in your bubble home. You drive your bubble car to your bubble office. Sit at your bubble cubicle and do your bubble job. Eat your bubble lunch. Try to finish another bubble afternoon...Read More » ...
Posted: Oct 23 2017 @ 1:09 PM
As I recently wrote about, I feel so incredibly filled up and fulfilled these days. I focus on passions and pursuits that totally fill me with joy. Whereas most people focus too much (or even solely) on money, I simply see money as something that adds a little sweetness to my life. But what is...Read More » ...
Posted: Oct 19 2017 @ 2:10 AM
I think my entire philosophy on the interplay between money and happiness within the construct of financial independence can be boiled down into oatmeal and brown sugar. Allow me to explain. Your life, work, passion, and purpose is a big bowl of oatmeal.  Focusing on that bowl of oatmeal is significantly beneficial to one’s psyche...Read More » ...
Posted: Oct 17 2017 @ 4:01 AM
This is part of an ongoing series where I dissect and discuss the reasoning behind various facets of my lifestyle. Through this, I’m attempting to separate the money aspect from the decision-making process, showing that I live a lifestyle that’s largely divorced from concerns about money whatsoever. Essentially, this is a lifestyle that I’d live...Read More » ...
Posted: Oct 10 2017 @ 8:28 AM
This is part of an ongoing series on happiness. I’m going to continue sharing everyday moments, experiences, and activities where I feel most happy. Since I believe the pursuit of happiness is something that binds humanity, and since one of the major reasons to attain financial freedom in the first place is to improve one’s...Read More » ...
Posted: Oct 05 2017 @ 4:41 AM


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