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Since the end of 2016, I have been mostly on the sidelines accumulating cash. The market has been on an unrestricted run upward and it has been difficult to really find great deals on high quality dividend payers. I did add one share of Amazon (AMZN) in a move to hedge my retail stocks and am hoping to continue building on that position as it declines. As I mentioned in my ...
Posted: Nov 06 2017 @ 12:23 PM
The first half of the year has come and gone. This represents an opportunity to take measure of how the passive income train has been rolling down the tracks. Due to the strength of the overall market, I have not been adding significantly to my stock portfolio. I have rather been keeping a growing portion of my portfolio in cash as I await better valuations. Q1 and Q2 Passive Income I will ...
Posted: Jul 09 2017 @ 3:33 PM
I spent some time this morning updating my dividend spreadsheet where I tally my passive income. I track each company individually along with the annual collective totals. While adding up all of the dividends received is nice, one of my other little joys from this activity is actually taking note of the dividend growth each company produces. As I’ve said before, the strength of the Dividend Growth Investing (DGI) strategy is ...
Posted: Apr 17 2017 @ 3:01 PM
Over the course of the past week, a spotlight has been firmly fixed on the sales practices of Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD). A number of current and former employees have come forward to expose TD for putting excessive amounts of pressure on employees to either meet sales targets or lose their jobs. In this article I intend to provide my assessment of the facts from the CBC article published March 6. In Their ...
Posted: Mar 16 2017 @ 7:24 AM
With dividend growth investing there are three basic ways to increase the amount of dividends passively rolling into your account: Buy additional stock which pays dividends. Reinvest your dividends (either actively or through a DRiP). The company you already own increases the dividend payment. While I haven’t typically provided update articles for recent purchases which addresses the first point above, I intend to begin doing so. Since the beginning of 2017, I have made ...
Posted: Feb 20 2017 @ 7:52 AM
A year and half ago (August 2015) I announced my Five Year Plan to achieve what I dubbed at the time to be “Semi-Financial Freedom” (SFF). What this implies is having reached a point in life where a large number of lifestyle expenses are covered by passive income and the individual needs only to exert […] ...
Posted: Feb 06 2017 @ 6:15 PM
In my earlier years, I never believed in using the beginning of the year to set goals. I preferred to take things as they come. Since taking an interest in personal finance, however, I’ve learned to appreciate setting milestones. You can’t hit the target if you don’t have one to aim at. Before we begin, […] ...
Posted: Jan 03 2017 @ 11:16 AM
Word of the year for 2016: Unbalanced. While I was able to make sizeable gains in terms of cash on the sidelines, I made a limited number of acquisitions. Likewise, while I spent the majority of my productive waking hours at work, I contributed less to this website in terms of writing and didn’t complete […] ...
Posted: Dec 30 2016 @ 5:43 PM
As a Canadian intimately interested in the political scene, it is always particularly intriguing to notice how the American presidential run-up is far more closely followed even within our borders than the Canadian election season. This year’s campaigning with the polarizing candidate of Donald Trump took on a fervor unlike any I’ve seen before. Trump […] ...
Posted: Nov 12 2016 @ 2:05 PM
It seems that just about anyone you speak to hates taxes. Even those who profit directly from providing tax advice hate to pay taxes. How often do we hear, “I’d sell it but I just don’t want to pay the taxes” and other similar refrains? What upside could there be to paying out one’s hard […] ...
Posted: Jun 12 2016 @ 2:17 PM


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