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I’ve always been a goal-oriented person.  I like to plan ahead and have a general sense of which direction I’m going.  It’s difficult to become financially independent without being deliberate about certain actions, such as saving, controlling expenses and investing. A critical component of planning is envisioning where you want to be in the future.  For example, when I turned 30, I set out to pay off all my debt before ...
Posted: Sep 19 2017 @ 6:00 AM
When we tell people we spent 2 months slow traveling during the summer, their reaction has been pretty consistent.  It’s been a mix of amazement and restraint.  I say restraint because they tend to ask “How was it?”, when I feel like they really want to ask “How could you afford it?”. Given that I blog anonymously, the individuals referenced don’t have the benefit of readers of this blog.  You can probably ...
Posted: Aug 29 2017 @ 6:00 AM
For those of you who may not be aware, there’s actually a conference for personal finance nerds such as myself which happens every year.  It’s usually attended by the personal finance blogging community, and is apparently a big hit. FinCon 2017 happens to be held in Dallas, Texas this year, and although I’ve never been to this conference in the past, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in all ...
Posted: Aug 22 2017 @ 6:00 AM
Ok, so there are no guarantees in life, especially with respect to financial independence. One of the key ways to create and retain wealth is to invest your hard earned money.  The trouble with investing is that it comes with strings attached, primarily the (reluctant) acceptance of risk.  You’re basically trading peace of mind for that XX% in interest your investments are earning. Investing your money is also a short cut to ...
Posted: Aug 15 2017 @ 6:00 AM
There is no shortage of online material claiming that anyone can become a Millionaire.  All it takes is hard work, perseverance, discipline and some long term planning.  While all those attributes are largely true, the big elephant in the room is often income. Short of an inheritance, a big break on real estate or some lucky life changing stock pick, income plays an integral role in anyone’s goal of achieving Millionaire ...
Posted: Aug 08 2017 @ 6:00 AM
As some of you may already know, we plan on traveling for 2 months each summer for the next few years, as our way of satisfying our travel bug while still keeping a home base in Texas. There are many logistical considerations when you decide to travel for an extended period.  Since most people will only travel for 1-2 weeks at a time during vacation, the majority of those considerations would ...
Posted: Jul 18 2017 @ 6:00 AM
**Updated So would I be able to retire if I had $1 Million? You might think the answer to this question is pretty straight forward.  After all, there’s no shortage of mainstream articles claiming that millionaire status leads to retirement nirvana. Unfortunately the answer is “it depends”…like many other annoying answers to vague questions such as this one. Not All Million Dollars Are Created Equal In order to retire early or reach financial independence, you ...
Posted: Jul 11 2017 @ 6:00 AM
If you have aspirations of turning some of your working years into freedom years like I do, you’ll be hard pressed achieving that goal without paying attention to your lifestyle expenses. I’ve worked very hard over the past 10 years or so to ensure that my yearly expenses stay as flat as possible.  What I spend each year will largely dictate how quickly I can reach financial independence, and since my ...
Posted: Jul 04 2017 @ 6:00 AM
Like most things in life, nothing comes for free, and hardly ever easily.  In order to earn that precious freedom we all seek, some deliberate actions must be taken. Since my ultimate goal is to increase the number of Freedom Years I get to enjoy, I have to make sure that my working years are as efficient as possible.  This requires laser like focus and determination around the following key areas: Income / Maximize Money ...
Posted: Jun 27 2017 @ 6:00 AM
We’re getting ready for our first experimental slow travel experience this summer.  Unlike a typical 1-2 week vacation, this travel method requires additional preparation.  I’ve spent the past few weeks preparing the Max Your Freedom household.  The list of things has grown longer than I expected. Since we hope to do this type of travel for the next few summers, I figured this article would be a good reference for both myself ...
Posted: Jun 20 2017 @ 6:00 AM


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