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DIK (Dual Income, Kids)

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A friend of mine, Tom, is a marketing expert. After reading the post published earlier this week (The Stock Market’s Dark Side), he flashed me a thumbs up for telling it like it is in the stock market world. Then he urged me to go further, not only because the subject matter makes for a good story, but … “because people should know about the promotional side of the stock market, ...
Posted: Jul 21 2017 @ 4:40 PM
Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), recently did something highly unusual: he disparaged his company. Specifically, he knocked Tesla’s share price, saying it is “higher than we deserve.” Whether true or not, to publicly state that your company is not worth its current trading value is not only rare, it’s virtually unheard of. It’s just not what a CEO does. Because in addition to assuming responsibility for day ...
Posted: Jul 18 2017 @ 2:12 PM
Ride Demon (new name for my 11-year old son) recently bought a hoverboard. If your asking, ‘what’s a hoverboard’, well, know that you’re not alone. Because that was my immediate response when Ride Demon excitedly told me of his intended purchase. And my ignorance was cause for him to look at me as if I were from Mars. Or just really, really old and out of touch. I told him ...
Posted: Jul 14 2017 @ 12:22 PM
When shopping for books, my first choice is to buy used at the online marketplace, AbeBooks, a company that sources books from local bookshops around the world. The fact that the books are used? Not an issue at all. I pay a whole lot less than what I would have paid if buying new, with the added bonus that every book I’ve ordered arrives in excellent condition. The downside, if you can ...
Posted: Jul 11 2017 @ 3:40 PM
Bored with the same old games, my 11-year old son and teenage daughter rummaged through the games closet and found an ancient relic, Monopoly. And as I excitedly told them about its history, that is was invented by self-described anti-monopolist, Elizabeth Magie, in 1903, that its purpose is to illustrate the hazards of concentrating land in private monopolies, my kids looked at me as if what they were hearing was, ...
Posted: Jul 07 2017 @ 5:44 PM
A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous, so its been said. And in the stock market, oh man, ain’t it the truth! Especially in a boom market like the technology heavy NASDAQ. During the past nine years, ever since the financial world began healing from the Great Recession, the return on a NASDAQ index fund has been relentlessly positive. Sure, temporarily, price dips into the dreaded valley of bears but give ...
Posted: Jul 04 2017 @ 7:23 PM
Some years ago when I operated my own law firm, a client of mine (let’s call him Greedy Dude) asked for my counsel on a pending business deal. According to Greedy Dude, the deal was to happen like this: he would transfer $50,000 (USD) to a Nigerian bank account in the name of Nasty Shady Character (not the recipient’s real name, but you get my point). This money would be ...
Posted: Jun 30 2017 @ 11:06 AM
Last week, my Apple MacBook gasped, wheezed, and hiccupped uncontrollably. Then there was silence. After more than eight years of devoted service, this was the machine’s way of saying goodbye. I said my thanks, expressed gratitude, and made arrangements for its various parts to be recycled. Moments later I was online at the Apple Store purchasing a replacement, a new MacBook Air. And I didn’t think twice about shelling out a ...
Posted: Jun 27 2017 @ 3:37 PM
The word is that Robo-Advisors are good for your financial health. Why? Because they offer similar services as the human kind of financial advisor at lower cost. If you’re paying less in management fees, your returns are higher, your portfolio fatter. That’s the dominant sales pitch. And with the nascent industry growing from $16 billion (USD) under management in 2014 to more than $160 billion today, there’s reason to stop ...
Posted: Jun 22 2017 @ 4:07 PM
I know, the headline sounds like the beginning of a well-worn joke or a film title that’s trying too hard to be irreverent. But here’s the thing: this post is really about a Rabbi, a Monk, and Money, as odd as the title may seem. Then again, this is BuddhaMoney. And we’re known to sprinkle spirituality into the money mix, you know, for the sake of leading you toward a ...
Posted: Jun 20 2017 @ 1:48 PM


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