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Early Retirement
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Vancouver, Canada
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SINK (Single Income, No Kids)
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In the event of my untimely passing – I thought I would outline my personal finance philosophy to the person who receives my windfall. Here I present a basic overview of what I think matters most in the world of personal finance. It is my hope that this guide will be helpful to you, my reader, and to whoever I will leave my pitiful sum to. On Money What is money? “Money is something we ...
Posted: Sep 12 2017 @ 11:36 AM
Welcome to Part 1 of my Financial Fundamentals Series. This series will highlight all the different tools we have at our disposal to improve our finances. In the first part of my series, I will be discussing how automatically saving can lead to wealth beyond imagine. You can find the rest of the series here. Let’s get started.   For many of us in the personal finance space, Warren Buffett is a ...
Posted: Sep 06 2017 @ 11:49 AM
Slowly getting there!I’ve kept track of my net worth every two months since I started this blog. You can see a more detailed look at my net worth here. The purpose of this exercise is to practice accountability in my finances. I’ve found the easiest way to improve in anything in life is to accurately track and measure whatever it is you are looking to get better at. Since closely monitoring ...
Posted: Sep 01 2017 @ 3:00 PM
As a fellow Canadian, it’s my duty to tell you about one of the greatest wealth generation tools available in our beloved country. What’s this you’re on about? I’m talking about the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). Tell me more. By golly, I will. Imagine this. To reward you for being a wonderful citizen, the Canadian government has given you access to this thing called a Tax Free Savings Account. Inside this account, almost any ...
Posted: Aug 28 2017 @ 12:00 PM
There’s something offensive about daring greatly and challenging the norm. No one’s ever offended when you tell them your life plans are to become a doctor then work till you’re 65. No one’s offended when you tell them you just financed a brand new SUV. Yet, people get offended when you tell them about your plans to retire early. Is there something inherently wrong about checking out of the rat race years ...
Posted: Aug 22 2017 @ 12:00 PM
Wealth is a funny thing, we all want more of it to buy the things we want. Yet it’s the things that we want that are keeping us from being truly wealthy. In this post, I want to demonstrate that wealth is indeed attainable. I will examine the tools with which anyone can do so. If something is attainable, it needs to be accessible to everyone and require minimal effort. So I’m not ...
Posted: Aug 15 2017 @ 11:04 PM
If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you’ll know that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is an important part of my life. For those unfamiliar with Jiu Jitsu, it’s a sport or martial art where the objective is to control then submit your opponent. There aren’t too many parallels between joint locks and personal finance, but there is one thing my hobby has taught me. But first, a little ...
Posted: Aug 06 2017 @ 12:32 PM
It’s July! No shit, Sherlock! Why am I excited for July? Not only is it summer, but we’ve officially passed the half-year mark! It’s time to reminisce of the half-year that was. It’s time to review our financial goals. On a surface level, I’m actually quite surprised at how much I’ve accomplished in the past 6 months. J.Money from BudgetsAreSexy.com has often mentioned that tracking his net worth has been one of the best things ...
Posted: Jul 20 2017 @ 9:05 PM
Today I’ll be reviewing my primary banking institution: Tangerine. It is currently where I do 90% of my banking. The reason why I wanted to review this institution is because it has $0 monthly fees. If you’ve read my post about never paying bank fees, and question whether this is in fact possible, stay tuned – I may have found a bank for you. An Overview Tangerine is primarily an online, self-serve bank. ...
Posted: Jul 12 2017 @ 3:52 PM
We all need a place to store our hard earned money. And if you’ve read the brilliant book Your Money or Your Life, you will understand that your money represents your life energy. Life energy is the limited time you have here on this Earth. So why is it that we allow banks to charge us every month for the privilege of storing our life energy? Shouldn’t they pay for the privilege ...
Posted: Jul 05 2017 @ 8:09 PM


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