Your Financial Freedom Playbook

By: Tony Robbins | | Rockstar Review | Categories: Money Management, Investing
Robbins packs a lot of wisdom from the legends of the investment community in a small package. This book includes the same fundamental information as “MONEY: Master the Game” in a quarter of the volume.
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"I’ve got to admit that most investment books will put hardcore insomniacs to sleep in less than a minute. That’s why Tony Robbins’ new book Unshakeable is so revolutionary. He explains the investment industry, products, and plans in a way that anyone can understand. The simple advice in this book can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees in your retirement account. What you don’t know about investing can and will hurt you! If you’d like to add three to five years’ worth of income to your 401(k) or IRA, put Tony’s book at the top of your To Read List."
"Investing has been one of my biggest weaknesses and I love how this book breaks it down so the simple-minded person can understand. It even contains a checklist!"
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