The Automatic Millionaire:
A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich

A realistic system, based on timeless principles, with everything you need to know, including phone numbers and websites, so you can put the secret to becoming an Automatic Millionaire in place from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need a budget, you don’t need willpower, you don’t need to make a lot of money, you don’t need to be that interested in money, you can set up the plan in an hour.
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"Automatic finances is the greatest and you can set it and leave it for years just saving away and investing away."
"It isn’t a “get rich quick” type of book as I feared when I first saw the title. Instead it's about the power of small consistent actions, and it provides suggestions on automating them. It’s incredible how small steps performed consistently over an extended period of time can build amazing wealth and financial security."
"I don't remember, but it resonated with me."
"The automatic millionaire is book that is easy to read and David Bach has a way of making things simple."
"Sure! My favorite is David Bach's Automatic Millionaire. Before I read that book I struggled to save consistently, even with a solid income. Bach's book focused on what was most important: paying myself first and doing it with a fool-proof system that virtually guarantees financial success. Nothing is more important in personal finance than an ability to save a big percentage of your income."
"The latte factor which can be inverted and applied to saving daily"
"One of the most practical financial books I've read, period."
"It teaches how an easy set it and forget it financial plan can lead to great wealth. Personally, I like the Latte factor concept. It shows that cutting just a little spending and investing it can lead to a big amount in the end. I like to take the latte factor concept to the next level and consider what if we skip the second car or the large house, those numbers become staggering."
"In spite of study after study showing results, DeMarco rails against buy-and-hold steady investing. His suggestions are very dangerous for the average investor who doesn't have the time or knowledge to pick winning stocks. And even if they have the ability, even professional money managers haven't been able to consistently perform above market indexes with active management."
"A great overview of why those we THINK are rich often aren't."
"It's really hard to pick just one book, but this is the first one that comes to mind. It was the first personal finance book that I read and it was eye-opening to me. It taught me actual steps and practices I needed to follow if I wanted to essentially become a millionaire. I also like that the book as easy to read for the average person."
"This book changed my perspective on money and life. It seriously was an investment that paid for itself a thousand times over. By realizing that money is simply a means to achieving freedom, I began to change around my financial situation."
"While I don't agree with all of Dave Ramsey's advice, this book was great for my wife and I as we began our journey towards dumping all of our debt and embarking on our journey towards financial independence. It helped us to understand the psychology of money much more than we had before, and it helped us down the right path. It also pushed me towards starting a personal finance blog!"
"It's the best overall personal finance book I've found. Ramit has a great way of engaging with the reader while dropping awesome bits of financial advice throughout. It's the best starter book for a solid overview of financial advice."
"A clear explanation of rationale investing vs emotional gambling and what to expect with both activities"
"I like the general overview of all aspects of personal finance from budgeting to investing."
"I think he had some great tips in his book and I still follow many of them to this day. But, I could not get through the book because he comes off like an asshole. So I had to stop."

Why bloggers think this book is overrated...

"One great idea, automating your finances, drawn out for way too long. :)"
"I thought the book was interesting at the time it came out because it provided a different way to grow your wealth - through the latte factor. But now it seems as though everyone just focuses on these small expenses when the bigger ones have a much larger overall impact on your finances. And in many cases, these larger expenses only require you to take action once and you will save money for years to come versus fighting yourself to skip a coffee every day."
"This book was so frustrating that I ended up requesting a refund from Audible - something I've only done once. The book was filled with lots of incredibly obvious advice that boiled down to telling readers to create automatic transactions that take the friction out of the wealth building process. It probably would have been better served to have been published in an abridged format."
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