The Total Money Makeover:
A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

By: Dave Ramsey | | Rockstar Review | Categories: Debt, Earning More, Money Management
This is the simplest, most straightforward game plan for completely making over your money habits based on results. This book will help you: design a sure-fire plan for paying off all debt - cars, houses, everything - recognize the 10 most dangerous money myths, and secure a big, fat nest egg for emergencies and retirement!
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What Bloggers Are Saying...

"Let's face it: Dave Ramsey has a way with words. This was a fun read."
"Succinct advice on about everything you need to know about money matters."
"This is more of a lukewarm recommendation, as the first chapters are great at lighting a fire under your a$$ to pay off debt, but it can be a bit preachy and his investment advice is horrible. It's a good book for the right person."
"Motivated me to get out of debt, and it gave me the mechanics of how to do so!"
"Good basic tactics if you are struggling with debt and want to get on better financial footing, with biblical wisdom thrown in. Not so helpful if you already have your money act together."
"Easy to read. Practical step. Funny and serious anecdotes."
"Straight forward and easy to read book with advice anyone can follow."
"This is the book I give to people to help them get started on getting out of debt and starting to pay attention to money. Dave Ramsey's baby steps get people fired up to change their financial behavior, which is the most important thing. Once you get your debt paid off and get your financial footing, you can move on to better investing advice."
"His plan is simple, concise, and works every time."
"Working the Dave Ramsey baby steps has been paramount to our financial success in that we finally stopped trying to do everything at once (retirement, emergency fund, kid's college, extra payments on the mortgage, etc) and focused on doing one thing at a time. Since starting the baby steps, we've paid off over $27k of student loans, becoming debt free except our mortgage, built up a 6 month emergency fund, bought 2 vehicles with cash, funded debt free vacations and learned to live without debt (other than our house)."
"Awesome, actionable advice for people that are already in the middle of the forest and don't know how to get out -- which is when most regular people start to pay attention to money."
"Dave Ramsey is the man! He lays out a concrete plan that put you and your money on the same page. His now famous steps walk you through a life transforming process that will help the majority of people think differently about their money to spend less and save more."
"While I don't agree with all of Dave Ramsey's advice, this book was great for my wife and I as we began our journey towards dumping all of our debt and embarking on our journey towards financial independence. It helped us to understand the psychology of money much more than we had before, and it helped us down the right path. It also pushed me towards starting a personal finance blog!"
"Just a great overall guide to help someone first starting to get their finances together. It shares real life examples of other who have over come debt, and those examples are highly motivating."
"Dave Ramsey brashness on money topics is refreshing. Most people today don't talk about their money issues, but it is the huge elephant in the room. Ramsey is good at calling it out."
"It's applicable to everyone. It's the basics, and much needed in today's world!"
"Dave Ramsey offers good advice. While it's not perfect, it's a plan and it has helped many a person get out of debt."
"I love how it breaks down getting your financial life in order in easy-to-understand terms. It's a wonderful book for beginners but I especially love this book for couples because it gives solid advice for discussing money matters with your spouse."
"Good, basic financial habits are the building blocks of wealth. Even high earners can be flat broke and in debt without good habits."
"I love Dave Ramsey, and this book summarizes everything he has to say. I don't agree with him on everything, but this book started me on my financial journey, so I think it's the best first book to read on finances for anyone."
"This book has helped me get a grip on my debt. It focuses on a plan called the debt snowball, which helps people get their finances in order to pay off the debt. You start with your small debts and eventually get to the large ones."
"This was likely the first personal finance book my husband and I ever read. It gave us a whole new outlook, especially as a couple in our early thirties that hadn't had much good financial direction growing up."
"It inspired me to start TeensGotCents"
"Straightforward advice, clear plan, actionable, inspiring"
"The main reason I love this book is it forces the reader to accept fault for their current financial situation. Only when an individual accepts the blame do they have the power to change their situation."
"Dave Ramsey's advice is timeless. Aside from the baby steps, which anyone can follow, he delves into the psychology and habits of what makes people successful with money."
"This is an excellent book to get started on your financial journey. Dave Ramsey has a no BS approach to getting out of debt, preparing for retirement, and working your way through his baby steps."
"I graduated medical school with >$400,000 in student loans, this book helped me figure out how to manage them(basically pay them off asap!)"
"Once you start really learning about money it's not so great (stop telling people to expect 12%!) but to get people started I don't think you can beat Dave Ramsey. He's got the passion and knowledge to make people go from clueless to responsible."
"Good how to with baby steps and catchy quotes"
"I know Dave can be contentious and I think his investing advice isn't great, but he has developed a plan that really does seem foolproof (which is why it can be overly conservative at times). Like many, Dave was my gateway drug into personal finance."
"It totally kicked my butt and forced me to realize that no one else is going to fix my money mess but me."

Why bloggers think this book is overrated...

"It's not that I don't think this is a solid book to learn about finances, it's just that I don't really like Dave Ramsey's approach. I found it repetitive and very preachy in parts and I got sick of all the personal stories and ended up skipping over most of them. His concepts are good but I'd rather the bullet point version."
"Seriously, Dave Ramsey does some great things out there for people, but I feel like his advice is distasteful and has such an us vs them mentality."
"While I love what Dave Ramsey has done for people, getting them out of debt, the baby steps could use some work. I also suggest people just reading then on his website instead."
"This is a good book but it is everywhere! So many great books out there that have more information than TMM."
"I hesitate to say this because I do think he helps so many, but the investing advice is shite."
"Total Money Makeover is one of the most popular personal finance books year in and year out, and it does not deserve that status. The advice in it is fine, for the most part. Ramsey presents one option for building wealth. It is a good fit for some and a bad fit for others. That’s the way most personal finance books are, so that’s not necessarily a problem. The problem comes with Ramsey’s presentation. The book is presented as the one singular true way to build wealth. That is not only wrong, it is dangerous. While the vast majority of Ramsey fans that I interact with online are knowledgeable, that is a group that is self-selecting, in that they are interacting with other finance writers. The Ramsey fans that I meet amongst family and friends mostly read Ramsey’s book and then stopped learning because they had found the one true way. Closing a whole audience off to other advice is not good for the financial well-being of your readers."
"We get it. Pay down debt. Live on Rice and Beans. You could sum up this book in 10 pages. I think what really bothers me about this book is all the talk of God that is sprinkled throughout."
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