The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing

By: Mel Lindauer, Michael LeBoeuf, Taylor Larimore | Categories: Investing, Money Management
This book is for readers who believe in investing for the long term in the market vehicles that provide the best returns at the lowest level of risk: low fees, stable and heavily diversified. It may not be a sexy method in the short term, but the long term results certainly are.
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"Once again, simple straightforward advice"
"Practical advice on investing and retirement planning, based on the principles of Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard. It talks about Allocation, Indexing, Rebalancing, as well as minimizing taxes. This is a perfect overview of how index investing works."
"This book covers so much! Principles of tax efficient fund placement, diversification, investment fees - even mindset preparation."
"There's so much well-written and thorough, yet understandable, knowledge packed into this little gem. Everyone moves along their financial journey at a different pace, and they choose different strategies based on their own needs. The Bogleheads guide offers lots of insight into a variety of investment needs and models to help people understand their investments no matter where they are on the path."
"I recommend this book more than any other as a fantastic and comprehensive introduction to the world of investing. Spend a few weeks reading and taking notes on this book, and you will emerge a fierce financial dragon, ready to take control of your personal financial life. Beginner investors will find 95% of what they need to know in the pages of this book."
"Lays it out and warns people about the dangers of fees. Completely changed my views of investing."
"Hands down the best investment guide I've read. The authors do a fantastic job of laying out a solid investment plan that will work for most people. The approach is simple, easy to implement, and works."
"I love that it's a super easy way to convey everything someone needs to know about investing."
"I love the accessibility of this book, which is like the gentle but firm swim instructor who took off your floaties for the first time. Anyone frightened of do-it-yourself investing need not be with mentors as loving and gentle as the Bogleheads guiding you out of the shallow water."
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