Directory of Blog Coaches

Here's a list of the blog coaches within our community.
Bobby Hoyt - I’m not going to lie; blogging is freaking hard. I literally quit my job to run a blog that wasn’t making any money, so you could say I learned how to make it in this business the hard (and scary) way. If you are dreaming of being a blogger for a living or making extra money on the side, I’ve been there and achieved it. I’ll tell you how to build significant traffic quickly, get noticed by news outlets, and how to survive your first year(s) blogging while turning your site into a significant income source.
Lauren Bowling - I coach new bloggers and those looking to monetize or take their sites to the next level. I've also worked with folks who want to blog as a side hustle and way to make extra income. During one-on-one 45 minute sessions, We'll work on honing their brand, pitching press, and building web and social media traffic. Think of it as a way to get my nearly four years of experience blogging in just 60-90 days. :)
Amanda Abella - I work with Millennial Entrepreneurs who are hellbent on creating online lifestyle businesses that allow them to make money and make an impact. We go through set-up, content creation and online branding. By the end of 90 days their blog is set up and they have a content plan ready to go.
Robert Farrington - Robert has built a platform that reaches over 250,000 readers per month, and earns almost six figures "on the side". If you're looking for an online business coach to help launch your blog or online business, to discuss marketing strategies, or to simply hold you accountable, Robert can help.
Tonya Stumphauzer - If you’re new to blogging I offer a consultation on design, content, building relationships, earning income, and any other tools you need to become a successful blogger. Contact me for rates.
Sarah Greesonbach - Five-figure writing businesses take years to build. Cut in line, build your business better, and get to the good stuff faster with Sarah's no-nonsense advice. (Or just read for free on the website.)
Doug (Nords) Nordman - I offer "Blogging 101" coaching for people who haven't signed up for WordPress and haven't even learned how to spell SEO. After a conversation I can tell whether you're going to catch fire on your own or whether you need to pay a freelance professional coach to help you commit.
Jasmine Watts - I help bloggers who are feeling overwhelmed in their blogging business. If you are looking to make more money, drive traffic or build on your content strategy, I am here to help! I do a full assessment of your blog, social media, and your email list and do a written assessment of where you can grow. I'll follow up with you 30 days later to see your progress! I'm looking forward to working with you.