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Blogger Blog Name Age Category Net Worth Twitter FB RSS Start
#itsonlymoney30sGeneral Finance2013
Be Net Worthy40sGeneral Finance2016
Beards & MoneyUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2016
Brainy Chick Finance20sMillennial2015
Brandon RenfroUnspecifiedInvesting2016
Centsible Life40sFrugality2009
Christian Stewardship Coaching40sDebt2013
Cultivating Wealth40sInvesting2012
Dropped Coin30sGeneral Finance2016
Easy Does It FI30sFrugality2015
Emily Knippa20sGeneral Finance2015
Fi Big Sky20sEarly Retirement2014
Finance for Teachers30sGeneral Finance2013
Finance Freaks30sGeneral Finance$332,333.322016
Financial Conversation20sFrugality2015
Financial Fanny Pack20sGeneral Finance2016
Financial Highway30sGeneral Finance2009
Financially Katie20sGeneral Finance$14,394.002015
FirebyForty20sEarly Retirement$265,969.002016
Flip to 1 Million30sReal Estate2016
Free by 2620sReal Estate2016
Frugal PhD30sFrugality2016
Frugal Tricks30sMaking Money2016
Gen X Finance30sEarly Retirement2006
Hack Now Retire Early40sEarly Retirement2016
High Yield Savings Accounts30sFrugality2008
I Heart Budgets30sBudgeting2012
Journey to Saving20sGeneral Finance2013
Kaz-LifeBalance40sGeneral Finance2016
Live Real, Now30sGeneral Finance2009
Living a FI30sEarly Retirement$950,000.002014
Miss Thrifty30sFrugality$16,890.002008
Money Gato30sInvesting2016
Money Mastermind Show30sGeneral Finance2014
Money Smart Mama30sGeneral Finance2016
Money Smarts Learning50sFrugality2016
Mortimer's Money Machines30sDebt2015
Moss Mint TealUnspecifiedLifestyle2016
Mr. Wannabe Retiree40sEarly Retirement$295,000.002015
Nomad WalletUnspecifiedLifestyle2013
Personal Finance Surfers20sEarly Retirement$95,776.922016
Purple Sweatpants 30sBudgeting2015
Retiredat5040sEarly Retirement$1,538,694.002015
Rich on Money40sReal Estate2016
Save With Dan40sGeneral Finance2014
Saving to Sail40sMaking Money2013
Smart Wealth Hacks30sGeneral Finance2016
Splendid Investor30sInvesting2016
The Financial Canadian Blog20sInvesting2016
The Financial Independence Project40sEarly Retirement$714,695.002016
The Frugal Model30sFrugality$500,000.002012
The Frugalennial30sFrugality2015
The Jenny Pincher30sGeneral Finance2007
The Millennialist20sBudgeting2017
The Money Mine30sEarly Retirement2015
The Personal Finance Lawyer30sGeneral Finance2014
The Wealth Brick Road30sGeneral Finance$600,000.002014
Time, Money and Choices40sEarly Retirement2016
Tithe 1st, Pay Yourself 2nd, Live 3rd20sGeneral Finance2015
YoungMoney10120sEarly Retirement2016