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Blogger Blog Name Age Category Net Worth Twitter FB RSS Start
Mad Money Monster40sFrugality2015
1,000 Ways to Save30sFrugality2016
A Tale of Finances20sFrugality$30,472.002016
Add Vodka50sFrugality2010
Beating Broke30sFrugality2006
Budget Peace30sFrugality2017
Caroline Cocker30sFrugality2016
Caroline Vencil20sFrugality2017
Cash Smarter50sFrugality2014
Centsibly Rich40sFrugality2016
Coupon Clippers UK30sFrugality2013
Cult of Money30sFrugality2012
Design Independence30sFrugality2016
Does Not Grow On Trees50sFrugality2015
Eyes on the Dollar20sFrugality2012
Family Balance Sheet40sFrugality2008
Finance HippyUnspecifiedFrugality2016
Fiscally Fit Chica40sFrugality2013
Freedom From $cratch40sFrugality2016
From Pennies to PlentyUnspecifiedFrugality2017
Frugal African30sFrugality$3,750.002017
Frugal Confessions30sFrugality2009
Frugal Fringe50sFrugality2014
Frugal Hackers20sFrugality$480,272.002017
Frugal Millennial20sFrugality2015
Frugal Paradise30sFrugality$730,000.002016
Frugal Rules40sFrugality2012
Frugal Stepping Stones30sFrugality2015
Frugal Turtle30sFrugality$112,000.002015
Frugal Workshop40sFrugality2011
Frugality Magazine30sFrugality2013
Growing My Pennies30sFrugality2017
How To Save Money30sFrugality2010
How We Do Money20sFrugality$116,428.002016
I Pick Up Pennies30sFrugality2008
Keep Thrifty30sFrugality2016
Lauren Greutman30sFrugality2010
Little Green Revelation30sFrugality2016
Living Rich Cheaply30sFrugality2013
Love To Frugal50sFrugality2017
Lovely Life CentsUnspecifiedFrugality2017
Loving Littles30sFrugality2014
Mindfully Spent30sFrugality2016
Miss Thrifty30sFrugality2008
Money Buffalo30sFrugality2015
Money Can Buy Me Happiness30sFrugality$329,623.002015
Money Under the Cushions40sFrugality2016
Much More With Less40sFrugality2013
Penny Pincher Journal40sFrugality2013
Penny Pinchin Mom40sFrugality2009
Picky Pinchers20sFrugality2016
Prairie Eco-Thrifter30sFrugality2010
Pretend to Be Poor30sFrugality2015
Raggedly Rich20sFrugality2017
Saving Our Money40sFrugality2016
She Picks Up Pennies30sFrugality2015
Simple Organized Lifestyle40sFrugality2016
Skint Dad30sFrugality2013
Smart Money, Simple Life50sFrugality2015
Smart Penny PincherUnspecifiedFrugality2017
Super Saving Tips60+Frugality2014
Surviving And Thriving50sFrugality2010
Table for One40sFrugality$161,000.002009
The Art of Being CheapUnspecifiedFrugality2013
The Diary of a Frugal Family 30sFrugality2010
The Earnest Addiction20sFrugality$8,891.002016
The Frugal Cottage20sFrugality2014
The Frugal Farmer40sFrugality2013
The Frugal HumanistUnspecifiedFrugality2014
The Frugal Momster30sFrugality2012
The Grocery Shrink40sFrugality$300,000.002008
The Simple Dollar40sFrugality2006
The Smart and Frugal Path30sFrugality2015
The Thrifty Issue30sFrugality2014
Thrifty Livin40sFrugality2012
Tight Fisted Miser40sFrugality-$75,357.002007
Ultimate Money Blog30sFrugality2008
We're All Poor Here30sFrugality2017
Working Undertime40sFrugality2015