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Blogger Blog Name Age Category Net Worth Twitter FB RSS Start
BuddhaMoney50sGeneral Finance2016
Cait Flanders30sMinimalism$82,135.532011
99to1percent.com30sGeneral Finance$1,515,755.002017
Achieving Freedom20sEarly Retirement$22,922.642016
Alain Guillot50sInvesting$150,000.002012
All About The Dividends30sInvesting2016
All-Round Better Me30sLifestyle2014
BeforeYouInvest.com40sGeneral Finance$250,000.002012
BeSmartRich30sEarly Retirement$230,000.002014
Blessed by the Potato30sInvesting2005
Boomer & Echo50sGeneral Finance$410,000.002010
Budget Undercover20sMillennial2016
Budgeting Tips30sBudgeting2016
Canadian Budget Binder40sGeneral Finance$891,887.002012
Canadian Dream: Free at 4530sEarly Retirement$707,000.002006
CentsToJoy20sGeneral Finance$10,419.002017
Climbing Mount Debt40sDebt2017
CoastAndGrind30sMaking Money2016
Couple of Sense30sBudgeting2016
Debts To Riches 20sEarly Retirement-$81,000.002017
Discover Real LivingUnspecifiedLifestyle2017
Dr Debt40sGeneral Finance2010
Family Money Plan30sGeneral Finance2015
Finance For Geek30sGeneral Finance$22,920.002016
Financial Fitness to Freedom50sGeneral Finance2017
Financial Nirvana Mama30sReal Estate2014
Financial Uproar30sInvesting2010
Free to PursueUnspecifiedEarly Retirement2014
Freedom 35 Blog20sInvesting$500,000.002010
From Rags to Reasonable30sGeneral Finance2015
Frugal Desperado30sDebt2015
GenYMoney.ca30sGeneral Finance$615,100.002017
Get Rich Brothers20sEarly Retirement$150,000.002014
Half Banked20sMillennial2015
Happy Frugaler30sEarly Retirement$1,858,000.002016
How To Save Money30sFrugality2010
Humble Buck30sGeneral Finance2017
I saved $5K30sReal Estate$873,564.002016
Incoming Assets30sEarly Retirement$250,000.002013
Invest Wisely30sGeneral Finance2016
Jen On Money20sMillennial2017
Jessica Moorhouse30sMillennial2011
L'Investisseur Curieux30sGeneral Finance2013
Le Dividende40sInvesting$211,711.002015
Live Rich, Live Well30sLifestyle2014
Making it Rain20sMillennial2017
MapleMoney30sGeneral Finance2009
Millennial Revolution30sEarly Retirement$1,000,000.002016
Million Dollar Journey30sBudgeting$1,000,000.002006
Million Endeavour20sEarly Retirement$40,905.002014
Mindful Explorer40sLifestyle2013
Mixed Up Money20sMillennial2015
Modest Money30sInvesting2012
Money After Graduation30sGeneral Finance2012
Money Counselor50sGeneral Finance2011
Money Ramblings of a Financial Underdog30sLifestyle$419,171.512014
Money We Have30sGeneral Finance2014
My Alternate Life20sMillennial$56,219.392012
My Life, I Guess... 30sGeneral Finance2011
My Own Advisor40sGeneral Finance$1,000,000.002010
My Pennies, My Thoughts20sGeneral Finance2012
My Road to Wealth and Freedom30sGeneral Finance$995,859.002014
My Smarter Money20sGeneral Finance$20,000.002017
My Words and Stuff30sMaking Money$434,497.002016
Mystery Money Man40sGeneral Finance2016
Net Worth Goals20sEarly Retirement$2,697.312016
Ninja Budgeter30sGeneral Finance$120,000.002016
Our Financial Path20sEarly Retirement2016
Penniless Prairie Girl20sGeneral Finance2016
Personal Finance FreedomUnspecifiedInvesting$15,000.002016
Prairie Eco-Thrifter30sFrugality2010
Prudence Debtfree50sDebt2012
Pwede PadalaUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2015
Raggedly Rich20sFrugality2017
Retire Happy40sTraditional Retirement2010
Run Out of Debt40sDebt$76,937.362016
Save. Spend. Splurge.30sGeneral Finance$383,800.002014
Saving for a Living20sEarly Retirement$400,000.002017
Saving Our Money40sFrugality2016
Savvy New Canadians30sGeneral Finance2016
Simply Investing40sInvesting2010
Single Dad Living30sFamily$236,078.832014
Smart Woman20sEarly Retirement2015
Smile & Conquer30sGeneral Finance2015
Stretching My Money20sMillennial$102,000.002017
Sustainable Personal Finance30sGeneral Finance2010
Table for One40sFrugality$128,000.002009
Tawcan30sEarly Retirement2014
That Charles Life20sLifestyle2016
The Classy Simple Life40sMinimalism$29,034.282012
The Dividend Guy Blog30sInvesting2006
The Dividend Investor Blog20sInvesting$100,000.002017
The Financial Tech20sGeneral Finance$12,885.132015
The Money Savvy Blog30sGeneral Finance2014
The Side Gig Guru40sGeneral Finance$1,050,000.002017
Tiny Ambitions20sMinimalism$12,118.002017
Two Cents Together20sMillennial2017
Unaura20sEarly Retirement2015
Undo My Debt30sDebt2017
Working Undertime40sFrugality2015
Young and ThriftyUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2009