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Blogger Blog Name Age Category Net Worth Twitter FB RSS Start
My Retirement Rehab50sMaking Money2016
7 Circles50sInvesting2014
Boost My Budget30sMaking Money2016
Brian's Money Challenge30sDebt$189,854.022015
Bunny on a Budget20sBudgeting2014
Cantankerous.Life40sEarly Retirement2016
Caroline Cocker30sFrugality2016
Cleona Lira40sGeneral Finance2013
Compound Your Freedom30sEarly Retirement$102,000.002017
Coupon Clippers UK30sFrugality2013
Cracking Retirement60+General Finance2016
Debt Camel50sDebt2014
DiscussPFUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2017
Ditching The Daily Grind30sEarly Retirement2015
Early Retirement in UK40sEarly Retirement$37,508.002014
Enemy of Debt40sDebt2008
Family Budgeting UnspecifiedGeneral Finance2010
Feast Style Thrive30sGeneral Finance2016
Finance Zombie30sEarly Retirement$170,000.002014
Financial ThingUnspecifiedInvesting2015
Financially Free By Forty30sGeneral Finance2014
Financially Mint20sMillennial2017
FIRE v London40sInvesting2015
FIREin' London40sGeneral Finance2016
FIREplant20sEarly Retirement2016
Foxy Finance40sGeneral Finance2015
Foxy Monkey30sMaking Money2016
From Pennies to Pounds20sDebt2016
Frugality Magazine30sFrugality2013
Gathering Dreams30sLifestyle2017
Homely Economics30sGeneral Finance2015
Hotels and Money30sEarly Retirement$115,177.802016
Household Money Saving30sGeneral Finance2016
Kakeibo30sGeneral Finance2016
Lotty EarnsUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2016
Mad Fientist30sEarly Retirement2012
Magical Penny30sInvesting2010
Miss Thrifty30sFrugality2008
Money Bulldog30sGeneral Finance2012
Money Corgi20sGeneral Finance2016
Money for MondayUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2016
Money NuggetsUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2015
Money Rebound30sGeneral Finance2013
Money Saving JourneysUnspecifiedLifestyle$20,000.002016
Money Savvy Ravi20sGeneral Finance2016
Money Tree Man20sMillennial$17,958.002017
Mrs Bargain Hunter40sMaking Money2013
Ms Money Maximiser 30sGeneral Finance2016
Much More With Less40sFrugality2013
My Money Spot30sGeneral Finance2015
No More Work20sDebt$35,899.002017
Organised Redhead40sEarly Retirement$307,119.002016
Probably Busy20sMaking Money2016
Project Two20sMillennial$130,000.002017
Quietly Saving40sEarly Retirement$277,356.002014
Savings Odyssey30sGeneral Finance$117,438.002017
Savvy DadUnspecifiedLifestyle2016
Skint Dad30sFrugality2013
Small stones30sDebt$49,000.002017
The Canny Contractor40sEarly Retirement$727,000.002016
The Complaining CowUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2013
The Diary of a Frugal Family 30sFrugality2010
The Escape Artist40sEarly Retirement2014
The FIRE Engine20sEarly Retirement2017
The Frugal Cottage20sFrugality2014
The Frugalist20sMinimalism$7,641.002017
The Mini Millionaire20sGeneral Finance2015
The Money Diary40sEarly Retirement2016
The Money Principle40sGeneral Finance2011
The Money WhispererUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2017
The Richest Man In LondonUnspecifiedInvesting2017
The Stuff In My Head20sGeneral Finance2017
The Wallet Moth20sBudgeting2017
theFIREstarter30sEarly Retirement$255,213.002013
Thinking Thrifty30sGeneral Finance2015
Time and Pence40sMaking Money$300,000.002017
Tortoise happyUnspecifiedGeneral Finance2016
Want Less30sDebt$37,282.002015
WealFIBuns20sEarly Retirement$10,000.002017