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Everything That Remains: A Memoir by The Minimalists
A memoir-style book that invites us to ask what the material world really has to offer, and how we can best invest our time and efforts to live our best lives. By the popular blogging duo from TheMinimalists.com.
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This book brings home the "whys" behind the pursuit of minimalism. The pursuit isn't for minimalism's sake. It's the pursuit of a better life, one in which we have more time, more attention, more awareness. It's a way to be fully present, unpreoccupied by so much that doesn't matter.
The Big Tiny is Williams's story about leaving it all behind to rediscover the life we all long for. The author takes us on her journey toward minimalism and tiny home living. Though this might be a fringe lifestyle, it's not the most surprising aspect of the book. What is? It's a small world after all.