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The Alchemist
This book delivers inspiration through storytelling. It follows a sheep herder on his quest to find answers to what seems beyond anyone's grasp. Along the way, the story entertains and makes us reflect on our own path and what it is that we're trying to understand about ourselves and the world around us.
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The title speaks for itself. Bob Clyatt invites us to question why we work as much as we do and invites us to consider the options that are available to us, from downshifting to semi-retirement among others. The book takes the reader step by step, from saving and investing to what we can do to change our lifestyle as our options expand along with the size of our portfolio.
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How to have meaningful conversations about money, accompanied by a number of helpful examples that drive the advice home. Whether you're just starting out, in the middle of a financial crisis, or doing well, this book delivers an encouraging truth: having better conversations on money will strengthen your marriage.
This is the best resource when it comes to having money conversations, both in explaining the "whys" and in providing the examples and templates to help us engage in them.
Valerie Rind has learned the hard way that relationships can be expensive. This experience lead her to write a book full of cautionary tales, from financial infidelity to elder abuse. It's a must read for anyone who needs to build up the courage to ask the tough questions before committing to any relationship that can prove costly.
This work of fiction tells of a couple's journey toward financial independence, from their twenties to retirement and beyond, along with all the triumphs and mistakes along the way. The story is reassuring, inspiring and entertaining.
A guide to single motherhood from financial blogger, and podcaster, Emma Johnson (WealthySingleMommy.com). Johnson shows readers how to recreate a new life entirely on their own terms, find the time to devote to health, hobbies, friendships, faith, community and travel, and overall how to be a joyful, present and proud role model to your kids.