Poll: Finance Books

Hey guys! Thanks so much for taking this poll! We'll be using all this data to not only make our Directory even more robust (we're building out a "books" section on it), but also to run nerdy reports and then broadcast our results to the world. So the more questions you answer - especially the "why" sections - the more chances of being featured across the Rockstar empire :) We'll be linking your answers all around town!

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#1) What's Your Favorite Financial Book?*
#2) What's Another Book You Love On Money?*
#3) What's One More Book You Like On Money?
#4) Any Financial Book That's Totally Overrated?
#5) How Do You Get Most of Your Books?*
#6) How Many Financial Books Do You Own?* (Numeric)
#7) How Do You Read Most of Your Financial Books?*
#8) What Types of Books Are The Most Important?

#9) Would You Rather Have All The Knowledge From Every Financial Book In The World - OR - $100,000 In Cash Money?