Directory of Daily Money Managers

Here's a list of the Daily Money Managers (DMM) within our community. You can also find more through the American Association of Daily Money Managers' (AADMM) website here: AADMM.com.
Alison Salisbury - Overwhelmed with paperwork or too busy to keep up with day-to-day financial details? At Fiscally Fit, my team and I ease the stress of daily life by making sure personal bills are paid, important papers are filed and a workable spending plan is in place. I work with clients in their homes or office as well as virtually. With our daily money management services, you maintain control of your financial life and your information remains safe and confidential.
Cindy Lail, CSA - My goal is to keep your finances organized to provide peace of mind and save money. Services include bill paying, filing, balancing and reviewing bank statement, tracking medical insurance claims, and organizing tax records. I speak the language of CPA’s and can handle those interactions if the client desires. As a Certified Senior Advisor, as well as the daughter of senior parents, I am experienced in dealing with issues impacting seniors and their families. I can provide an extra set of eyes and ears in keeping your loved ones safe from scams and abuse.