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A great way to visualize your entire financial picture in one spot. Connect up your accounts one time, and get immediate insight into your spending, income, investments, and our personal favorite - net worth. It's a turbocharged Mint.com, only geared towards investing more so than budgeting.
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"One stop shop for all things personal finance!"
"It has great mobile and desktop layouts. Fingerprint sign on. It saves me an enormous amount of time because I have nine different financial accounts that I can view at the same time. It also let's me see my entire investment portfolio as one giant (well it'll be giant someday) fund"
"Tracks everything in one place. Great visual graphs. Great tracking tools and calculators. FREE! Hands down, best and favorite tool to track net worth."
"Personal Capital is the bomb! Whether you are on desktop or on your cell phone, you can track your net worth and your financial situation in great detail."
"It's free! I like how it breaks down your asset allocation, tracks your entire portfolio against the S&P 500, and gives you your net worth with one login. Also, it doesn't cost anything. Did I mention it's free?"
"It's like Mint, but appeals to me as a numbers guy. Better breakdown of your investments."
"I love how it focuses on net worth - the number that really matters. I can get a quick and easy view of cash flow, investing, net worth and more."
"All of my accounts located in one place? Yes, please."
"Across all of my businesses and life, I have over 50 bank, investment, and credit card accounts! Personal Capital helps me keep track of everything seamlessly and has a lot more detail on my patterns than Mint. I've been using it for 3+ years now and often refer back to historical information as well. The investment checkup features are also rad since I can see when I need to rebalance (which I do myself!) or anything gets out of whack."
"Personal Capital is one of my favorite personal finance tools for tracking net worth, income, expenses and investments. They can aggregate dozens of separate financial accounts (savings, checking, credit cards, investments, retirement accounts) to show your overall financial picture. They offer net worth tools, budgeting tools and investment portfolio tools. They also have a nifty retirement planner that allows you to tweak a number of factors and simulate your projected retirement portfolio. The best part? Their tools are 100% free to use and easy to manage. Check out https://www.saverdinks.com/blog/personal-capital-free-finance-tools/ for an overview of their free financial tools."
"Extremely useful app to help keep track of all your finances in one place. Keeping track of all my bank accounts, brokerage accounts and 401Ks can be a pain in the butt, but Personal capital keeps it simple and presents the information in a clean format. It's very user friendly and also has tools for budgeting and saving. It's a great all around app and I highly recommend it."
"Super easy high level insights on portfolio"
"Personal Capitals retirement calculator is beyond impressive. The flexibility to experiment with multiple possibilities and easy compare success rates is easy and fun."
"Only one that works well with my 401k so its nice to track retirement savings."
"It's the best way I've found to track both net worth and cash flow. I can easily link my accounts, track progress in real time, and run various reports (with the capability to export to excel) transactions over any time period of my choosing. It's a great way to see how much I spent on meals out, for example, and look for trends and ways to improve."
"Very easy to use and does an incredible job tracking all of our accounts."
"I can watch my net-worth grow."
"Simple to use and my information is displayed in an easy to read and understandable format"
"Tracks my net worth."
"Personal Capital shows me the allocation of my investments. With just this app, I can quickly see if I'm getting too heavy in small cap stocks, bonds, or even cash."
"If I look at a financial app on my phone, it's personal capital."
"We love watching our investments grow and having a big overall picture of our personal finance. Personal capital is the perfect app to look from a bird's eye view."
"Personal Capital is incredibly generous providing a free financial dashboard to anyone! Robo-Advisor Pros.com offers an extensive look at the features!"
"Efficient data integration with phenomenal data visualizations that support story behind net worth, cash flow and overall health of assets."
"I'm a huge fan of knowing my net worth. The app is seamless and does an excellent job of keeping track of all my finances."
"This is my favorite app when it comes to monitoring and tracking my investments. The software and features are far superior to mint with their allocation breakdowns and portfolio income tracking. I thought for the longest time I didn't need it as I was using mint. Boy was I wrong, its worth the time to setup for the investment tracking alone."
"I love using Personal Capital because it provides a consolidated view of all of my bank, credit card, investment, and loan accounts all in one place. Being able to monitor the progress of growing my net worth is important to me and Personal Capital does this in an attractive format without charging a fee."
"The favorite affiliate of many financial bloggers, it's actually a fantastic app. And it's free! They do have someone from the company call to try to sell you there services, but other than that, completely free. I like that it's all automated to see how your investments are doing. The ability to track your net worth is awesome. But what I like most is the ability to see how the hidden fees affect your portfolio - not just now, but spread out over the years. That golden nugget of information prompted me to change my 401(k) funds which should save me over $50,000 in fees over the course of 10 years! Definite eye opener!"
"Just like Mint is the standard when it comes to budgeting, Personal Capital is the standard when it comes to tracking investments. Several years ago, I tried three different investment tracking services, and Personal Captial was the only one able to make sense of the mutual funds and ETFs we had."
"The interface is not only user-friendly but also very aesthetically pleasing as well. In terms of tracking investments and providing a snapshot (as well as suggestions) for asset allocation, it is unmatched. If some of the kinks with categorizing transactions were worked out, Mint would be obsolete."
"Investment tracking"
"If I could mash Mint and Personal Capital I would. Personal Capital's displays, Net Worth Calculations, and Investment Section are huge pluses in my opinion. Its app interface seems somewhat more reliable than Mint, and I have not had any of the funky duplicate accounts appear like I did with Mint. The main drawbacks with PC are its spending tracker (although they recently updated it) and the continued harassment you get from PC to have a meeting with one of their investment managers. No thanks! I don't need to pay anyone to manage my money anymore. I've been down that road, and still have the scars to prove it. Also, I wish they allowed me to input cost basis for my investments so I they could calculate it for me. Fortunately my investment brokerage does this."
"Best in the business for tracking investments and net worth."
"It gives you a solid high-level look at your net worth. I don't use it every day, but every couple of weeks it's nice to log in and easily see where I am."
"Lets me monitor all of my accounts at one glance, easy to calculate my net worth, assets and liabilities - and show me trends"
"Net worth tracking is great"
"I love seeing all my financial information in one place. Their dashboard and analysis tools make it all nice and easy-peasy."
"It's the quickest way for me to get a snapshot of my money, where it is, etc."
"Everything in one place - literally. Plus, it show me my asset allocation which is SO much easier than manually putting my numbers into the free version of MorningStar"
"Handles me needs for keeping track of cash flow and net worth"
"Great tracker for at-a-glance asset allocation, monte carlo simulation, fully customizable retirement goals at high level of specificity and detail, and wonderful tool for tracking expenses/income. Especially fond of fee analysis tool, which serves as a reassurance (for the DIY investor) or a wake up call (for the person using an AUM financial advisor). Hoping to avail myself of the generous affiliate program eventually, but this is a tool I use compulsively and feel extremely good about promoting."
"Good for tracking account balances and investment returns. Can't complain."
"It helps me aggregate my financial information and quickly check my credit card charges."
"I like being able to not only track my net worth, but check any transactions that hit my bank accounts, investment accounts, and credit cards. It helps quickly detect any fraudulent charges, erroneous late fees or interest (I've caught this a few times), or unusual activity. It's a fun way to see how your doing financially within about 30 seconds of opening the app and letting the accounts refresh."
"Who doesn't like a virtual net worth secretary? And it's free"
"Good for tracking net worth and watching portfolios."
"It's the easiest way to see your net worth and all of your credit card expenses at any time."
"Although I don't think it's technically an app, it's my favorite. It helps aggregate all of my other accounts into one dashboard."
"This is what Mint could have become if it kept updating. The graphs and tracking on Personal Capital are 100% superior to Mint, but my PC has substantially less history and their budget view is really just cash flow."
"I like the amount of info along with your accounts balances at a glance."
"Great retirement estimator. Best graphs and investment monitoring tools. Easily keep tabs of all investments in one place."
  - Joel @ fi180.com
"When it comes to apps it all starts with the account aggregator and nothing beats personal capital. It's where I regularly check changes to my net worth."
"I'm still in the tracking every penny stage of wealth accumulation, so it's nice to have my transactions and net worth in my pocket"
"Personal Capital is awesome for it's accurateness about investments. I mainly use it to watch how my investments are performing."
"A quick snapshot of all your investments in one place. Classic one-stop shopping."
"all the convenience of having every account in one place"
"I used to only utilize the Personal Capital app for a quick analysis of my investments; however, over the years they have developed their application to include fantastic retirement planning and budgeting functions. Currently, it is the only financial app I use almost daily."
"This one is step up for more mature money managing with multiple investment accounts"
"Personal Capital has some neat charts although admittedly I don't use this app often."
"It is just easy to use and shows you the high-level progress you are making towards increasing your net worth. I like the layout a lot as well."
"It has a nice user interface that makes it easy to see your net worth over time, breakdown of investments, and other important figures."
"Personal Capital is doing what many financial apps have long tried...bringing all of our accounts together into one simple interface!"
"Hands down - the visualization of seeing my money grow inspired me to make life changes to grow my income and assets. It's one of the most powerful ways to get fired up about FIRE!"
"Good for analyzing investments across multiple accounts."
"I think they do the best job in integrating my financial information and it’s free. I have found a few bugs but all in all great app"
"Has a much better interface and can really delve deep into investement asset allocation, debt, credit, etc."
"I've never had an overview of my entire financial life under one dashboard. Some investment accounts have a nice interface, but seeing your net worth and how everything affects it, is motivating."
"I can use it to very quickly see my overall net worth and so many other important financial data points."
"It is a one-stop shop where I can quickly look at all my account balances, and track my net worth."
"First time I've ever been able to somewhat accurately track my net worth! has a fun and easy to use interface as well which is a bonus."
"I am a millennial investor and did not realize the burden investment management firms put in fees on my retirement nest egg. I didn't know these seemingly small percentage fees could cost me hundreds of thousands over my life time. Personal Capital was the first app to alert me of my poor investment decisions. I used this information to structure a new portfolio with JL Collins' advise. This app has likely saved me at least $300,000 over my lifetime by getting out of bad investments. This invaluable free investing advice coupled with its beautiful graphs make it my favorite financial app of all time."
"Makes it easy to link all of my many accounts and track my investments in one place."
"Its a great app to view your net worth, cash flow, portfolio balances,portfolio allocation, retirement planner, and budgeting. Basically it has all the stuff you would want to know about your finances in one app."
"Great app for keeping track of your net-worth...plus the charts they have are the bomb!"
"Everything is in one place, very well laid out, actionable tips, good expense reporting, great visualization."
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