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Now over a decade old with 20 million users, Mint is the OG of financial technology and designed to help you track all of your finances in one main app. Mint automatically imports all of your transactions, categorizes them for you, displays pretty graphs highlighting trends in your spending and income, sets up alerts to detect anomalies in your financial patterns, and tracks not only your bills and credit score, but also that magical number that counts the most: your net worth. A great app to start with if you're new to managing your money.
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"It keeps everything together in one place and lets you see the impact of your choices over time. Great motivation to continue going!"
"It definitely takes some time at the outset getting everything linked, but once your account is fully set up this app really does it all budget-wise. My wife and I have been able to closely track our expenses and monitor how our spending has allowed us to contribute to our investment accounts as well as our baby's 529. All of the info is there and loaded up pretty much in real time whenever we need."
"Recent eval ( documented on my blog http://sherrillstgermain.com/thefiside?tag=Thin%20Mint) revealed it was the one that best met my needs: highly automated cash flow management."
"Mint has the best categorization system for tracking finances in an automated way that I've found. Personal Capital allows this, but you can only create new categories from your phone, not the website. Mint's system is more straightforward and tied better into budgeting."
"Mint shows you literally everywhere your money goes, which makes it so much easier to identify problem areas and create a realistic budget."
"Don't use it as much."
"Mint automatically imports all of my transactions and makes it easy to break down spending trends for the month/year/multiple years. It's really eye opening to see how much money you spend on certain categories on a yearly basis."
"Allows me to see my Net Worth at a glance and see my overall financial picture."
"Love the way it automatically connects to all of my accounts."
"It allows me to update my budget monthly and monitor it closely."
"I know its been around for a while but that is the best part--I can compare my current numbers with those from three years ago and it makes me feel better about a downturn in the market."
"It's simple and easy to use. I like seeing all of my information in one place and knowing where my money is going into my budget and investments. I also like the free credit score each month and the ability to track my net worth in one location."
"Notifies me of fees that I can quickly act on."
"Mint has been an incredible resource for me personally. I've been using this app for 3 years now and it's been great! I can see the trend in my income over the months and years to give me motivation and encouragement, and at the same time let me know what areas I need to slow down in my spending on a day-to-day item. It's a budgeting tool, bill reminder, credit checker, net-worth measurement and more that I haven't even tapped into. If anyone hates keeping track on a spreadsheet or even on paper for their budgets and spending you NEED this app."
"Mint let's me see everything in one place, and keep tabs on my budget."
"This is the service/app I've used the longest. Its been incredibly helpful with my budgeting and after action spending reports. I have like 10 years of financial data (like I said, i've used Mint for a LONG TIME) and I couldn't do without it. Its a great time saver and really helpful when it comes time to figure out where I'm spending too much money."
"Great way to track your finances. I like the automated connection to all your accounts and the new ability to easily pay your bills right from the app."
"I've been using Mint for the better part of a decade to track my spending. Even though it's not the newest or shiniest app, the historical data it provides me is unmatched. I also like the flexibility with categorizing transactions. Other apps such as Personal Capital are getting better but still have some flaws that make it difficult to get an accurate snapshot of spending vs. saving due to the shortcomings with how transactions are categorized and the flexibility given to correct it."
"Favorite budgeting app"
"The most well designed app for tracking spending, which is my current obsession on the journey to FI."
"I switched to Mint.com at the beginning of 2017. Mint continually earns high ratings among many of the software web sites and PC magazines for usability, which made it a big draw for me. Having used it for several months now I can attest the praise is well earned. Funnily enough, Mint is run by Intuit which used to own Quicken. The primary difference between Mint and Quicken is that Mint is a completely online-based platform. My major concerns regarding account safety (since all your data is kept online) has so far proven unfounded. Its mobile app is pretty good too which is a huge time saver since you can label transactions on the go. Unfortunately Mint is not as powerful of a reporting or visual display tool as either Quicken or MMoney, but the amount of time I save using it compared with Quicken or MMoney will keep me using it for the foreseeable future. One more complaint about Mint is that its investment tracking stinks. I don't even use it, I just use Personal Capital and my old Quicken software."
"Awesome for tracking daily transactions across dozens of accounts."
"Easy to use, Nice and clean UI"
"I think everyone should be tracking their finances somehow and MINT makes it easy by reading everything done from your bank accounts and credit cards. I know daily where all my money is going and that's very reassuring."
"Being able to quickly categorize spending, track budgets and monitor net worth easily has been a key to my success."
"I used Mint for many years before Personal Capital came along. Their budgeting and bill tracking, are great features, and it's simple and easy to use."
"Budgeting and showing me where I spent my money. I could use Personal Capital but prefer to keep them separate."
"It doesn't just freshen your breath it helps to keep all your accounts and spending in order!"
"I check it daily to monitor our spending and all our accounts in one place. I think it's the best app out there for budgeting and expense tracking."
"I like it because I can view all of my different accounts with one app. It saves time from having to login to many different accounts."
"I like that Mint has goals. For example, if I want to save up $1,000 for a vacation, instead of opening an actual savings account just for that vacation, I set a goal in Mint and track it there (like a virtual savings account)."
"I've used it for a long time so I like that I can see nice graphs of my wealth and how it's hanged overtime"
"Net income tracking!"
"My wife and I have been using Mint for over 5 years. Why? It’s priced right … FREE Automatically syncs up with your accounts (bank, credit card, investments, etc). Convenient smart phone app lets you see your budget activity in real-time Tracks your net worth so you can see your progress over time"
"I've been using it for over a decade and while it hasn't been keeping up with the times, it's still very usable. I use it mainly for budget tracking now, but I used to use it for net worth tracking."
"Mint has been my ride or die for over ten years now. I could definitely get more use out of it, but its great for getting a quick snap shot of my net worth since I had all my accounts to it. Plus its really crazy to go back and see how much money I was spending on bars and late night pizza ten years ago verses today! Times change!"
"Great for overall account management and budgeting. Good for tracking net worth and spending over time."
  - Joel @ fi180.com
"I love having access to my full financial picture everywhere I go. The number of times I've checked Mint while I'm out and about is... a lot. When I want to look at my recent transactions, I'll use Mint over a banking app. That's because my financial behavior isn't limited to one institution, so it doesn't make sense to cross-check numbers across multiple apps if I don't have a computer nearby. It's just too convenient!"
"Having the ability to quickly check on your savings goals as well as your budgets is imperative."
"Mint is great for categorizing my transactions and I've got it setup. I love using it and have been using it since 2009. I love going back and looking at my spending history in different perspectives like 3 months, 1 month, and even 12 month time blocks."
"Mint is my favorite due to the ease of use, symmetry between the desktop and mobile versions, and the automation."
"Great to quickly manage personal and business transactions for tax purposes. Works with Intuit."
"Its a great one stop shop it's beginner app"
"I have multiple accounts across multiple banks... Especially since I started churning bank accounts. It also helps me budget and keep track of what and where I'm spending money on better than any individual bank website does. Oh, and it's free."
"More data visualization and keeping quick tabs on more additional financial accounts."
"Mint helps me monitor all of my accounts in one place. I then transfer that info to my budgeting spreadsheet."
"Although I don't use it as often as I used to, Mint was what helped me gain control and an understanding of the many tentacles of our family's finances. For me - it was the first app to consolidate our data into one location, and that allowed me to see a clearer picture - which ultimately made it easier to work toward our goals. I especially love their budgeting component. Can't go wrong!"
"I use it to keep track of my net worth and investments"
"Just personal preference, I guess. It's been the best way to track my spending in categories, and run trending."
"Great for budgeting and tracking expenses"
"It easily syncs with all my accounts...usually works every time I open it."
"It's a great app for anyone starting out, like a student or a young person who may not have investments yet, but still needs to keep track of your income and spending."
"While Mint can help you track your net worth, I mainly use it for tracking my personal spending and shorter-term financial goals. Then I defer over to Personal Capital for my total financial picture (which is where I include my business accounts) & net worth."
"Ease of use, basic budget checking, goal setting, credit score updates It's very user friendly and covers the basics"
"Mint is a good budgeting app, and can give you very granular information on your spending habits."
"keep tracks of everything without having to type"
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