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Credit Karma is your one-stop shop to monitor your credit score for free – as often as you want. Just login to your Credit Karma profile and your credit score is displayed. No clicking around. No hassle. Login and it’s there. (They use the new VantageScore 3.0 model btw)
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"It gives me my credit score for free and updates every 7 days."
"Good educational resource for improving your credit score and monitoring your credit report"
"Monitoring my credit score is important to me and Credit Karma makes that possible. It updates weekly so I can monitor any changes. Also, it gives me the opportunity to track my progress building a higher credit score."
"I have only used it once, but was able to receive my credit report in under 10 minutes."
"I love being able to check up on my credit reports for free. It is also a very easy to use platform that keeps me notified when people start doing stupid things. It enable me to quickly see if there is any nefarious activity going on in my financial life."
"Credit Karma gives me free and easy access to my credit score and the detail on my accounts through a credit report feature. After the recent Equifax blunder, I'm glad that I've been able to keep easy tabs on my accounts."
"This has demystified my credit score. The once a year reports that I used to get from credit bureaus were complicated and hard to read. Credit Karma has simplified the process and makes it easy to view and track my credit score over time."
"Free, easy to use, and alerts us when something fishy is going on with our credit. Sometimes it works too well and we get notifications when we want to have a credit pull."
"Helps me keep an eye on my credit score provides feedback to improve in certain areas (number/type of accounts, balances, etc.)"
"Free credit reports af 2 of the 3 agencies — plus they alert me if anything in my report has changed."
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