StashInvest.com // First month free, then $1.00/mo for accounts under $5,000 and 0.25%/year for those over $5,000

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Stash is an app that let's you invest in the things you love and believe in - giving you the choices, tools, and tips to build a portfolio that better reflects who you are. Choose from a selection of ETFs, conveniently named so you can cut through the finance jargon and get to the heart of what each investment stands for.
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"Stash is a great app for beginner investors."
"I've been using it to teach myself about different types of apps. I invest $5 every other week, so it's sort of gamifying the investment process. Once I build enough wealth to really ramp up my investing, I feel like I know what types of low-cost ETFs I'm interested in."
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