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YNAB is the ultimate app/software for budgeting. With a huge fan base and following, they've made the process of budgeting as easy and streamlined as possible - all aligned with their 4 Rules to finance: Give Every Dollar a Job, Embrace Your True Expenses, Roll With the Punches, and Age Your Money (i.e. being 30 days ahead). While their mantra is based on *manually* budgeting for ultimate effect, they have incorporated automation - particularly around importing transactions.
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"Up until recently, I thought the YNAB app was pointless. But with the latest update, you can do everything on the app that you can do online. I'm a huge fan of the software and love that I can now do all my budget stuff wherever I go."
"This program does a great job of helping me stick to a budget. Definitely the best budgeting app."
"I had a pretty solid budget until I became self-employed, the variable income really through me so I went back to YNAB which is how I learned to budget in 2014. I really love the updated goals feature that makes sure you stay on track by having the category highlighted orange until you hit the goal for that month."
"Because it helps me track my budget at all times."
"I like YNAB for keeping track of my finances. When I first came across YNAB, I had never heard of their type of budgeting. They're budget is flexible in that you can move money around to different categories instead of beating yourself up for overspending in a certain area each month. To be honest though, I like the program on my computer more than using an app. I'm not a big fan using the phone if it's not necessary."
"I absolutely love the YNAB app because it makes my money picture so clear to me. Instead of thinking about cash flow in terms of shortage or excess for each month, YNAB shifts the thinking to where all the money you currently have needs to go to make your financial life work. I love that I can see the total of all of my bank accounts, as well as how much I've assigned to my emergency fund, vacation, groceries, clothing, etc. YNAB is the catalyst to helping you be more financially healthy and changing your mindset to be more proactive than reactive. I absolutely LOVE it."
"We use it for our family budget every day. Great desktop and Android app, although they are now a subscription service, and I don't like the cloud app as much as I did the desktop version."
"It's simply the best budgeting app out there (and I've tried ALOT of them). YNAB does everything you need it to do, without doing too much. It helps automate things but still forces you to take a proactive approach to your finances instead of a passive one."
"I love that it connects to my budget and I get updates on my computer."
"It's behavior modifying and not just tracking. Other apps are passive. Ynab is active"
"Track what goes where!"
"It is easy to use, easy to add transactions, and really helps my family stay on budget."
"Track every cent that comes in or out of your hands (YMOYL principle). Budget/Prioritize your spending on the fly. Move money easily between categories. It's like your budget spreadsheet on steroids."
"YNAB is the best financial app out there - it helps me run my life."
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