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Venmo is the easiest way to send and receive money between friends. Whether you’re splitting a dinner bill, the rent check, concert tickets, or the cost of a road trip, Venmo removes the awkward talks over who owes what and allows you to transfer over money super fast. It's similar to PayPal, however Venmo integrates *social feeds* so you can "share" or "like" payments and purchases from friends as well.
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"Venmo makes payment processing so much easier when going out with a group of friends. Splitting checks and paying each other cash gets messy. I also use it with my roommates so when one of us buys supplies for the house we can easily split the bill. The app is also secure and easy to use."
"I love how easy it is to pay people for all of the random events in life."
"Venmo makes it so easy to transfer money to friends and family. I never carry much cash with me, so this app has been a lifesaver."
"Gone are the days of awkward conversations reminding friends they owe you money or not having the right amount of cash to easily split the bill. It's a quick way to keep everyone honest and easily split expenses. Plus, I no longer have to write checks to my landlord!"
"Super easy way to send a receive money from friends...it's like Facebook with money...weird! I run a snack stand at my work and some people like buying a pop/crackers with Venmo."
"Easiest way to send and receive money with friends."
"Does this count? It makes paying back friends and family so easy, especially since I never carry cash and I hate to be in debt (even if it's just for $10 worth of tacos)."
"Super convenient to split bills and pay people back, far easier than tracking people down in person like the old days."
"Great app that lets friends transfer money digitally from one's bank account. It's a free person to person transfer took the banking industry by storm. It wasn't the first bank to bank transfer application, but it was one of the first free transfer apps and most well known. Venmo has now become a verb for people paying people back for dinners and movies."
"The simplifier of P2P payments"
"Easily pay people and get paid. I have a friend at the office who brings in fresh eggs. I used to pay her $3 cash for a carton. But who the hell has $3 cash anymore?! If by some miracle I had actual money in my wallet, it would be a $20 bill. I'd wander around my office seeing if someone could break the 20 or I'd go to the gas station and buy some crappy gum to break the 20. Major first world problems here! Then I discovered Venmo! In less then 15 seconds, I can send her my $3 via the handy Venmo app. No need to break a 20, no fumbling around with actual money ... just magical digital money! I'd highly recommend it. Oh, and the eggs are deeeeee-lish."
"You can send money to anyone with app easier than writing a check and way easier than getting their bank account # and routing #."
"Unsurprisingly, I love Venmo for nights out with friends and splitting bills with my boyfriend. It makes everything super easy and I no longer have to worry about carrying cash!"
"Makes it very easy to pay friends and split costs. Money deposits to account are free without having to opt out of pay services. Deposits come in 24 hours."
"There is no easier way of splitting bills or simply paying another individual money."
"It is easy to pay or request payments with the app. Simple Sleek Fast"
"It's super convenient to send money to friends"
"It's a convenient and easy way to transfer money to pay friends, family and even expenses like rent. No more checks!"
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