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The main PayPal app allows you to send and receive money across the table or around the world to other PayPal account holders using just their phone number or email. Other PayPal apps you can download separately include "PayPal Business" (create and send invoices, review account activity, issue refunds) and "PayPal Here" (to accept all kinds of payments, from debit and credit cards to contactless payments like Apple Pay®).
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"I use PayPal for eBay and to request and receive payments."
"I can send and receive money quickly."
"super simple to send money to anyone/any business"
"It is quick and easy for making online purchases."
"I use PayPal to send remittance and shop online."
"All my online income comes through PayPal"
"Old standard."
"I love the versatility of being able to give and accept payments on the go, without the necessity of physical checks or cash. I know that other banking apps are in the game now, but Paypal was the first for me... And I love nostalgia."
"It’s an easy and secure way to make payments online and send money to family, friends, etc."
"Its an old one but a good one. I use it all the time to send money back and forth to family and friends."
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