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Wealthfront is a robo-advisor that uses technology to help you invest more efficiently by reducing risk, fees, and taxes, while maximizing returns. Connect up your accounts once, and Wealthfront will analyze your finances and help you invest in a diversified portfolio based on your current habits and goals. No trading commissions or hidden fees - just a flat 0.25% yearly advisory fee.
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"A big chunk of our portfolio is in Wealthfront, and their mobile app is a quick way to check portfolio value, confirm our auto-deposits settled etc. Touch ID integration on iOS is great as well."
"I opened my first real personal investment account at the beginning of 2017, so I have a fair amount of anxiety around how my funds are doing. I like this app because of the visuals provided - I'm a sucker for charts. As investing apps go (specifically for robo-advisors), Wealthfront is one of my favorites in terms of user experience."
"Helps us track our network and financial goals we are working towards"
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