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Square Cash is a really simple way to pay people back. Friends, family, co-workers - whoever. It's free and instant to send and receive payments, and you can save your cash in the app itself or directly deposit it into your own bank (shows up the next business day). You can also get a Visa Debit card to access your money as well.
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"No one carries cash around anymore, so with Square Cash it's super easy to pay your friends back for the pizza you split or the drink they bought you when you forgot your wallet. You can also send requests to people who owe YOU money."
"Transfer money easily."
"I can send money quickly to my kids, family, or friends with no fees"
"We love the simplicity and speed of peer-to-peer money transfers. We keep our finances separate, so we use Square Cash to send payments to each other at the end of the month for mortgage, credit card expenses etc."
"makes it so easy to send my friends money"
"I love how simple it is to send my friends and family money. Or even pay the cleaning lady!"
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